A marvellous invention
To hold you attention
Come on lean in
We’re about to begin
Can you see it yet?
You’ll never forget
That very first sight
Your sense of delight
When the smoke clears away
Don’t hold it at bay
It’s yours forever
Now don’t you feel clever?
That bottle you hold
That needle so cold
Have all that you need
To build your prestige
You’re king of the world
You’re the new it girl
You’re someone new
So enjoy your debut
Then enjoy your decline
Your life is mine
For the highs and the lows
The poison you chose
They don’t come free
There’s no gifts from me

You danced with the devil
   Now the devil wants her due
     She doesn’t need much
       Just what’s left of you

You gave your life
   For a temporary high
     The music stopped, it’s over
       Now it’s time to say goodbye

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