Unsent Letter

Unsent Letter

Hey sweet girl,

I miss you so much. Can’t believe we keep missing each other. Can’t believe we haven’t spoken for a week! I’ve listened to the last message you left me so many times … feeling a bit pathetic really but I love the sound of your voice.

Things here are just crazy busy. Between shows there’s always PR to do or a party to go to. Or not go to in my case. The boys are loving it, wall to wall girls. They think I’m crazy for skipping it all and they’re right, I’m crazy about you. I don’t need millions of women, just one, just you. I wish you were here baby.

Apparently, because I’m not out partying, I’m reclusive and aloof which is working well for publicity. As Libby says, it worked for Michael Jackson. I don’t care about all that, I just know I don’t want to be in that scene.

What I want is to be finishing a show knowing I’ll be with you soon. Finding you waiting backstage or getting that ‘please bring ice cream’ text when I’m on my way to you. I want to be knocking on your door, kissing your lips, grabbing your sweet ass. Fuck baby, I want you!

You know I love my music, love the success we’re having. What you don’t know is that I love you. I was too gutless to say those three little words to you the last time we were together. Told myself I didn’t want you to think I was just saying it because you were leaving. Truth is I was, I am, scared you don’t feel the same way. I also told myself you should know, it’s in the song I wrote for you, it’s in the way I hold you, you should just know. True story baby, I’m just a gutless wonder.

The next time I have you in my arms that’s the first thing I’m going to say. I wont text it, or say it over the phone. No, this has to be said in person. Because I’m a greedy bastard and I want to see the look on your face, lock it away in my memory bank.

Well baby it’s 2am so I best be trying to sleep. I’m fucking useless at it without you by my side just so you know, another failure for the books.

Love you so much, I can’t even explain …

Nico  Nick xx
(can’t believe I just wrote that, it’s become automatic from all the fucking autographs)


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