Suspicious Minds

Suspicious Minds


“I’ll be honest with you Supernatural.”


“Max. The thing is, I have trust issues.”

I looked at the gun pointed at me, cocked my head to the side and smiled. “No, really D?”

He smirked at me then picked up his cup to take a drink. We were seated at a table in the kitchen of the fire station. After my ‘take me to your leader’ quip, he’d brought me in here, made us both coffee. I could have married him right then. We both still had our guns so it could have been a really special shot gun wedding.

“My girl, she’s a little more friendly than me.”

I lifted a hand, thumb and index finger and inch apart. He shrugged his shoulders and kept on talking.

“It’s not personal but last time we let someone in, I ended up locked in the trunk of a car.”

“I’m sorry what?” I had to hear this story.

“Fucker knocked us both out and was planning to sell us to slavers. She didn’t count on my baby being ruthless enough to cold cock an old lady.” My brows went up at that and D nodded. “Yep, fucking granny tricked us. She looked like the old lady from ‘Hot In Cleveland’.”

“Betty White,” I said and D gave me a narrow eyed stare.

“Don’t tell me you were friends with her back in the day? Fucking TV stars,” he said with a sneer.

“Hey, I’m not the one who looks like Thor or his little brother,” I shot back.

“Fuck you,” D said with a glare. More the little brother I think.

“So Betty White was going to sell you and baby?” I paused to let him supply the woman’s name but he just gave me a nod. “Woke up and saved the day.”

“Pretty much. So you can see why I have issues,” he said a shrug.

“Oh yeah. What did you do with Betty?”

“She was a very effective distraction. I was amazed by how fast she could run.”

“You used her as zombie bait?” I said incredulously.

“Not bait, distraction,” D said the word slowly and clearly for me. Then he sighed and I figured he’d had this ‘discussion’ before. “Look, we couldn’t just let her go, she would have come back for us.”

He was right. The two of them were prime meat, even I had looked at them both with avarice. What? I know some big words, screw you!

“I get it man, but come on … Betty White?” I sighed.

“Well, maybe it just looked an awful lot like her. If that makes you feel better,” he said with a smile.

“Zombie Betty White,” I muttered as I shook my head. “Okay, so I get the trust thing. It’s hell out there.” I lifted my chin in the general direction of outside. “I’ve heard rumours of the government still being in control of some cities, working on a cure, but generally? Everyone is looking out for themselves.”

“Yep.” D nodded, a man of few works.

“What I know? Is that it’s hard out there alone. No one to talk to, no one to watch your back.” I shook my head, looked down at my hand holding a gun pointed at a potential ally. “No one to trust?” I slowly drew my hand back, shoved the gun into the holster at my side. “It’s hard and lonely.”

“I’m not alone or lonely,” D said, his voice hard, his gun still on the table. “And like I said, I have trust issues. Right now, I have two choices. No wait, three choices.”

I was having second thoughts, no wait, third thoughts about putting my gun away. But someone had to take the first step right? I’ve always been told I’m an excellent dancer. I picked up my coffee, took a sip and gave him an eyebrow quirk of enquiry.

“Well first choice and probably my favourite is that I shoot you,” he said casually. “Second choice is I keep you alive until I need … a distraction.”

“Zombie bait,” I snapped. “Be honest about it at least you big ugly fucker.”

He grinned, then laughed. “That leads me to my third choice. The thing is, I kind of like you Sup – err Max. Having another able body around, could have its uses.”

“What, like for spare parts?” I said suspiciously.

“See?” He pointed at me with his gun. “You’re fun. So that’s my third choice. Trusting you.” His grin faded. “But I have those issues.”

He had issues? We all had issues. “This is where I point out that first, I’m a doctor so I have better uses than just ‘spare parts’,” I said with air quotes. “And second, I saved your girl. I could have pulled a Betty White but with drugs, had you both out cold and sold before you woke up.” I stopped to let that sink in. “So maybe, just maybe, I’ve earned a little bit of trust?”

He stared at me for a long, long minute, then his gun moved so it was no longer pointing directly at me. “Yeah maybe,” he said and nodded once.

I smiled and lifted my coffee to toast him. I really think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.


  1. I really think I could use some more of this story.

    1. Author

      There is more, I just didn’t post it as it wasn’t getting great feedback.

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