Tell Me Lies

Tell Me Lies

“Another day of nothing?”

“Yeah,” I said with a heavy sigh. “Sorry.”

“Maybe I could?” He mimed typing at me. “I’ll be good, I promise.”

I shrugged, “Why not …”

“In or out?”

It had taken fifteen minutes for the man mountain at the door to ask. I thought about it for another five.

“I’m not sure yet,” I said at last.

He gave me a long look. I wasn’t overly threatening only six foot to his six and a bit plus shitkickers and he had a good thirty pound of muscle on me. Size wise, it was like John Cena meets The Undertaker.

I shoved my hand through my hair and shrugged. “My girl’s in there.”

“Ahh.” He gave me a slow nod then we both winced at the unmistakable opening chords of Bon Jovi’s ‘Bad Medicine’. “Fucking Eighties nights,” he grunted. “There’s a lot of douches in there tonight mate,” he warned me.

“I should probably get in there then,” I said with a sigh. It was as good an excuse as any. I wasn’t worried about my girl, she could take care of herself, but the idea of other men dancing with her? That wasn’t on my top ten fun list.

“Good luck.” His casual shoulder cuff as I walked by helped me through the entrance and I took in the chaos with a grin. Bodies were everywhere, grinding on the dance floor, stacked at the bar, and everywhere in between.

I didn’t bother with the bar, I wasn’t here to drink. This was a retrieval mission, not a date. I eased through the crowd to the dance floor, turning down a couple of offers along the way. The groping I just took like a man, what else could you do? It took the better part of two terrible songs (no it did not feel good to walk on sunshine and what the hell was a karma chameleon anyway?) before I spotted her. She was blissed out dancing and I felt a pang of guilt that she felt she had to sneak out on me. This was not my scene but I should have made the effort and put up with it for her.

She tossed her head, did a little shimmy and a hip bump with one of her friend. I saw them both laugh and lean against each other for a moment and I can’t help but smile. The song morphed into a new one, the music low and mournful and I recognise Bono’s voice. I fucking hate this song and I guess I’m not alone as the floor clears a little, couples forming up while others hit the bar. My girl? She’s still out there with her friends, not giving up that prime dancing real estate.

She wanted to dance? I crossed the floor to her side, tapped her on the shoulder. Look at me all Mister Manners when I just want to pull her against me, stake my claim so all the douches checking her out know they have no chance.

“Not interested,” she yelled without turning and I grinned.

I leaned in, let my chest press against her shoulder and growled in her ear. “Are you sure?”

She went still for an instant then her shoulder pressed into me. She reached back and grabbed my hand as she spun to face me.

“Alex,” she said breathlessly. “I wasn’t expecting you.”

“You’re not that hard to find baby.” I used her hand to pull her closer, wrapped my free arm around her waist.

“I didn’t think you cared enough to look,” she said sulkily.

I didn’t answer, just moved her to the music until she relaxed, slid her hands up to my shoulders.

Her head tilted back, her eyes narrowed in a glare. “You can dance,” she accused.

What we were doing wasn’t really dancing but yeah, I could. I ducked my head to nuzzle her ear while I answered. “I never said I couldn’t, I said I didn’t.”

“Bastard,” she sighed as she tilted her head for me. I ignored her invitation, I wasn’t here to make nice. She had snuck out while I was in the shower, left me a note: Out with the girls, back later.

Like fuck!

So instead of pressing my lips to her neck like I wanted to, I captured her earlobe with my teeth.

“Ouch!” She jerked away, glared at me. “Kiss it better, apologise,” she demanded with a pout.

I let my mouth drop open a little, all shocked like. “Really? Me apologise?”

“You bit me!” I read her lips more than heard her words as the song changed. The dance floor filled with born again virgins as I pulled her closer.

I put my mouth next to her ear so she wouldn’t miss a word and said, “You left me.”

She had the grace to look guilty. For a second. Then her lush mouth formed into a scowl and she shoved away from me. I followed her from the dance floor and, thank fuck, out the door. Man mountain gave me a nod and a look of sympathy as she stalked by.

“Baby what are you doing?” I called out to her as I reached for her arm.

She spun away from me to walk backwards, tilted her head to one side. “I’m leaving. It’s what I do apparently.”

She was spectacular in her fuck me shoes and short skirt. But it was her ‘fuck you’ attitude that turned me on the most. I knew she was going to try to make it all my fault but I was only accepting half the blame.

“Shouldn’t you let your friends know you’re leaving?” I suggested lazily.

“Oh! I forgot,” she said with a wince and stopped walking to dig her cell out of her tiny bag.

As she tapped out a message I moved in on her, grasped her waist and started walking her backwards.

“Alex, what are you doing?” She asked absently.

“Just moving you out of the way,” I said as a few people walked by. I kept her moving until her back pressed against the wall of the next building.

“Didn’t you promise to be good? I can see where this is going you know.” I interrupted.

“I’m always good,” he said with a smirk. “Let me finish it, you’ll see.”

“No I think we’re done for the night Alex. Thanks anyway.” He looked so disappointed, I relented a little. “Maybe next time?”

“Maybe?” He snorted and shook his head. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep baby.”




    1. Author

      He’s pretty persuasive but I’m not sure …

    1. Author

      The pressure is on! What if he’s no good?? Yikes 😉

        1. Author

          Just one way? You should hear the laughter! Cocky bastard!!

            1. Author

              Oh really? Tell me more? 😉

                1. Author

                  I honestly don’t know if Alex is fit for public consumption. As you just demonstrated, words are (groan) hard to find 😉

    1. Author

      Fell, slid … Alex said something about pages and fingering. Luckily I’d swallowed my coffee!

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