Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo (adult content)

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo (adult content)


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“So baby, you thought about it?”

“Alex,” I groaned and dropped my face into my hands. “Seriously?”

“You said maybe,” he reminded me, his voice hopefully.

“I made no promises,” I grumbled weakly and he grinned.

I was giving in, we both knew it. “Fine. But I don’t want to hear about it, talk about it, just … do it,” I muttered with a scowl.

“Baby seriously? Just do it?” He laughed.

I waited ever so patiently for her to send her messages and tuck her cell away. Then I took her hand and pressed it against the wall beside her head. She watched me with a smirk as I captured her other hand in the same manner then pressed my hips against her, letting her feel me against her stomach.

“Now, what do we have here?” I said softly.

Her hips moved the tiniest bit, rubbing against me. She couldn’t control that reaction any more than she could her smart mouth. “You being an arrogant arse?”

“Hmmm.” I considered her answer then shook my head. “No. What we have here is an opportunity.”

I let go of one of her hands to run mine slowly down her body, teasing her with a light touch until I found the bare skin at the hem of her excuse for a skirt.

“What kind of opportunity?” She asked a little breathlessly as her hand curled over my shoulder.

“One where I show you why you shouldn’t go out without me,” I said as I moved my hand inwards.

Her legs clamped shut and she glared at me. “I can go out by myself any time I want.”

“You can,” I agreed easily as I let go of her other hand to grip her hip, lifting her into me as I gave a little grind. “But then who would take care of you.”

“Take … care … you …” her words trailed off into a sigh. Probably because I was sucking on her neck.

“Mmm.” I hummed and the vibration made her gasp as her legs relaxed so I slid my hand a little higher. I gave her sweet flesh one last lick, kissed my way to her ear. “Who would take care of the ache you have here.” My hand slid home, to where she was so fucking hot and wet.

“I don’t have an ache,” she lied breathlessly as my fingers slipped inside her underwear.

“So you don’t need me to rub here,” I teased with my words and my fingers.

“No.” She rocked her hips, provided her own friction so she wasn’t lying.

“Baby you’re killing me,” I groaned as she melted in my hand.

“Your fault,” she said breathlessly and lifted her leg to my hip giving us both more space.

I took immediate advantage, moving my hand lower, sliding a finger inside. Fucking perfection, so hot and tight around me.  Where were we? “My fault?” I repeated.

“Yes.” She turned her head to find my eyes, hot and heavy with expectation. “The way you danced,” she explained with a moan as I moved my finger in a slow sweep.

So responsive, so close. I couldn’t leave her hanging. We were in the shadow of the building, there was no one else around. I looked down at the night club, Man Mountain was visible but he wasn’t looking in our direction. I should take her home, lay her out, worship her with my hands, my mouth, but her sweet pussy was squeezing my finger, and her eyes were begging me for more.

She groaned as I pulled out but I needed both hands to lift her. Her hands gripped my shoulders as I held her to the wall with my hips and fumbled to get my pants open. It took longer than it should have as she put her mouth on my neck and distracted me.

Then she realised what I was doing and she looked at me with surprise.

“Alex we can’t do it here,” she hissed but didn’t push me away.

“There’s no one around, no one can see,” I promised as I freed my rock hard cock and pushed aside her panties to press against her.

“Are you sure?” Her hips rolled against me, her body kissing mine.

Fuck. Man Mountain was looking this way. “Even if they did, all they’d see is me kissing you.” I matched actions to my words and brushed my lips over hers. “Baby?”

She didn’t answer verbally but her mouth opened under mine so I took it then I took her body. A slow push because while she was hot and wet, she was tight. She moaned as my hand slid down her leg to hook behind her knee. I lifted it, pressed her knee against the wall, and sank a little deeper into heaven.

She tore her mouth from mine to gasp my name.

“Wrap your legs around me baby,” I urged, guiding the leg I held.

She did it slowly, her teeth sinking into her lush bottom lip as her legs gripped my hips and her pussy swallowed my cock.

“Like that?” She gasped as I groaned and flexed my hips.

“Fucking perfect.” As her arms and legs wrapped around me I grabbed her face and held her still for my kiss. I licked at her lips then slid my tongue in to taste her, slow and deep, soft and luscious.

I’m trying to be discrete, rocking my hips against hers, grinding against her to give her clit that extra friction to get her off fast because I’m aware we’re not alone. I broke our kiss to bite her neck and she just about strangled my cock. Her arms locked around my head so I can’t stop that pressure she loves and her groans are like music in my ears.

“Alex, yes, fuck, yes, harder,” she begged and I’m not sure if she wants me to bite her harder or fuck her harder so I do both. I feel the wall scrap my knuckles as I cradle her fine ass, holding her for the short hard thrusts she needs and I want.

Then I feel those convulsions, her pussy squeezing and releasing and sucking the orgasm right out of me. I pushed into her as deep as I could then tried to get a little deeper as I came.

Something incomprehensible that might have been her name and the words I love you slipped out of my mouth where I had it pressed against her neck. I forgot how to breath for a minute or it could be an hour. All I know is the world fell away and reformed a moment ago. Her voice in my ear reminded me I know how to talk and my brain snapped back online.

“Okay baby?” I murmured in her ear, careful not to touch her neck where I know she’ll be sensitive. Her little hum of pleasure and a sigh is my only answer. I gave her a moment to recover before I eased away from her, her legs dropped down as I leaned her against the wall.

“Shit Alex, you’re bleeding.”

She grabbed my hand after I pulled up my zipper and glared at my skinned knuckles.

“It’s nothing,” I said as I lifted a hand to smooth her hair behind her ear.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” she said with a grin as she laced our fingers together and we  walked further away from the club.

“I know baby, it surprised me too.”


  1. Holy….. yeah glad AJ didn’t read that one at work

    1. Author

      I did put a warning… 😉 Now you see (yet again) why he is tied up!

      1. Oh, I can take tied up lol. As you said a good look

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