Let’s be daring and write a thing
With a bit of zap and a lot of zing

“What the ever loving fu-” A puff of dust rose as another brick hit the ground.

It could be short or it could be long
Give it a tune, make it a song

“Is she serious? That’s the worst fu-” A shove had a few more falling.

Take a risk, do something bold
Have an adventure before you get old

“That is …. fucking …. stop.” A load crash interrupts everything.


“Hey babe. What are you doing there?”

“Ah, writing? You?”

“A little renovating.”

“You put a hole in my wall.”

“I sort of had to. You can’t write that.”

“Why not? It’s not that bad.”

“It really is.”




“Well, you can be daring and use it anyway?”

“Yeah I can. Don’t forget to fix the wall.”

“Consider it gone.”


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