The View

The View

Life is pretty good right now. Kicking back, watching my baby dance. Love the way she shakes that ass, looks at me to make sure I’m watching as she tosses her hair. A little dirty grind, so graceful. so fucking hot.

Biding my time, for the right song. So she can grind on me before I take her home, take off her clothes and have her grind some more. The DJ’s sticking to the fast numbers though, keeping the dance floor moving. I watch as an idiot in a blue button down tries to move with my girl, he can’t keep up and instead decides to put his hands on her hips, slow her down to his speed.

I watch with a smirk as she brushes him away. I wonder if I need to hurry to finish my drink for a moment as idiot comes back for a second try. Wont lie about it, I’m a possessive bastard with a bad temper. I’d love nothing more than to put myself between her and wannabe Romeo, see what he wants to grab then. Fucker. But, there you go. My baby handles it and I raise my bottle to her as they both turn to look at me where I’m watching from the bar. Romeo gives a piss weak smile and melts back into the crowd.

She gives me a little come hither but I’m done with this scene. I give her my own come hither and of course she makes me wait until the end of the song before sliding through the crowd to my side. She takes the bottle from my hand and finishes my drink, I glare at her so she knows she’ll be paying for that later. She slides a hand around my neck, pulls me down and makes a down payment right then.

I slid my mouth to her ear and a moment later she’s pulling away from me, her eyes wide in shock. I love the fact I can make her blush, surprise her after all this time. I get off the stool and grab her hand –

“Hey what are you writing man?”

“Fuck off Max,” I mutter, keeping up my hunt and peck routine.

“Hey Princess,” D says as he walks into the room, his eyes on the DS screen. “Can you – you’re not the writer.” D stares at me in confusion.

“He’s writing,” Max ever so helpfully says as I glare at them both.

“Go away,” I growl but it’s too late.

“What’s going on here? Alex?”

“Hey baby,” I say with my best smile. “I was just -”

“Push publish, quick,” D whispers to me so I do.

“Whoops, too late.” Max smirks and –

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