Don’t Hold Back

Don’t Hold Back

Graceful verse is oversold
I’d rather read some dark and bold
Throw some shade, a curse or two
Use the words that are true to you

Don’t hither yon and wherefore there
Just brood a mood and brew a stare
Bust a rhythm or crack a rhyme
Channel Dr Suess, that ain’t a crime

Now to confess
I think it’s best
I ain’t no poet
This shows I know it

Peace! I’m out!


  1. great advice, but hard to do … it seems like it’s easy for you, though … I get the feeling you are a very strong and open person who doesn’t give a you-know-what about what others think … and then there’s me, I can’t even use the word shi* in a blog comment! 🙂 Love your stuff.

    1. Author

      In a lot of ways what I write is who I am but I don’t give away all my secrets 😉 I also don’t swear in real life as much as I do when I write but then again, it’s not me swearing, it’s my characters 🙂 😀

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