Leader Of The Pack

Leader Of The Pack


Zombie Serial Episode 7 (read the start here)

I woke to the dulcet sounds of the song of my people, the low continuous moan of the zombie choir, so soothing! For once I took the time to appreciate the nuances, the changes in pitch and tone. I don’t know if it would be a number one hit but you might just be able to dance to it.

As they sang the chorus again I pried open an eye, checked the door was still closed. Yep. It would have to open soon though, the woman would need another dose of meds and my bag was snug against my side. The only way she was getting them was if I was getting out.

I didn’t blame D for locking me in. In his place I’d be paranoid too, especially if he’s seen even half of what I have. Zombie’s weren’t high on my list of ‘things that will kill you’. That was headed by ‘other people’. You were more likely to get killed for your supplies, your weapons, than for your brains. You were even more likely to get captured for your body. Spare parts were in high demand, women were in higher demand, but not for their parts.

I wondered how much my hosts had seen, where they had been, where had they come from. Were they going somewhere? From what I had seen, this town was in pretty good shape. I’d passed a couple of stores that still had goods on the shelves, gone into one and helped myself to a few things. There was running water, electricity. This neat little fire station we were holed up in.

With a few hours sleep in me, I was thinking hard about that. Why had the door been open? It’s not like I’d strolled into town and hit the first building I’d seen. I’d taken my time, done my recon, watched this building for hours before going near it. Then there was the way D had been sitting on the stairs, almost like he was waiting for me.

“Think Max,” I muttered. Had he known I was coming? Assume he had. How? What had I done? At the edge of town I’d gone into a couple of houses, found too much damage for them to be secure. Dodged some zombies, checked some houses, same result as the first time. In town, I’d done my shopping. I pictured myself walking into the store, I’d called out from the doorway to see if any of the undead came shuffling.

“You awake in there Supernatural?” D’s voice interrupted my moment of stupidity awareness.

No point pretending I was asleep since he could just open the door if he wanted to. “Yeah,” I called back and sat up quickly. I’d slept with the eagle under my pillow and it slid comfortably into my palm as he lock snicked open.

The door opened with the help of a muzzle. Not Big Bertha this time, a uzi by the look of it.

“Sleep well?” D leaned against the door jamb, the gun pointing at the floor.

Was this a test? If I lifted my gun, would he squeeze the trigger. Or was this a trap? Would he squeeze that trigger regardless.

It was all so obvious now. The houses I had looked at had been vandalised so no one could stay there. The fire station was like a beacon of safety. Those big doors, no windows on the lower floors, an obvious safe place. I had assumed (yeah hello ass!), they knew nothing about me, that they were normal people, just trying to survive. The electricity still worked though, the store I’d walked into had surveillance. Somehow, D and his ‘Baby’ had tapped into that and I’d given myself away. Literally.

I’d stood in that doorway and called out, “Hello? Doctor in the house!” Then I’d walked into their house. I’d been too busy being relieved to be suspicious. Stupid of me. I knew, I’d seen. Now? They had me in a locked room, their own pet doctor. Or, they had a healthy male with a bag of medical supplies. Or, they had a corpse with a bag of medical supplies.

Me? I had a desert eagle and a smart mouth. “Ready to take me to your leader?” I asked with a smirk.

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