Black Jacket

Black Jacket

For the weekly Discover Challenge Outer Layers

Jeans and tshirt are the norm
Add a hoodie to keep her warm
Mostly blue but sometimes pink
Pretty boring don’t you think?

In summer longer skirts prevail
Or maybe a dress she got on sale
Sandles for her feet to wear
So painted toes are always bare

In her wardrobe treasures wait
For a special day or that first date
Designer pants and designer shoes
That outfit will be hard to choose

The piece she treasures and loves the best
The one that sits above the rest
The leather jacket she used to wear
When she had a style and a certain flare

Now it’s cartoon tops and being a mum
Casual clothes ready for fun
The jacket she’ll wear some other day
When the kids have grown and moved away


    1. Author

      I think he deserves more than a card …

  1. I’d wear the “dress she got on sale” but people would look at me funny!! LOL!! Another winner.

    1. Author

      Glad you liked it, thanks! If you want to wear the dress you go for it! I’m sure you have the legs to pull it off 😀

      1. When I was in the pipe band, wearing a kilt, the ladies used to swoon over my ‘bonny knees’!! 😉

        1. Author

          I stopped with the kilts damn it, I can’t go back, don’t tempt me!

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