What Was I Thinking

What Was I Thinking

“Hey babe, close your eyes and pretend you’re a writer for a minute.”

My incredulous look meets Alex’s earnest one.

“Yeah I’ll do that.” My voice drips sarcasm.

“Seriously. It’s a visualisation exercise, try it. For me,” he adds with a sweet smile.

I sigh heavily, very put out but close my eyes.

“Okay!” He’s so enthusiastic! “Now I want you to picture the computer before you, a blank page is filling up with text as you type. Got it?”

“Sure,” I mutter.

“Great. Now picture yourself typing these words; and they all lived happily ever after. The end.”

My eyes pop open as I snort. “Seriously?”

“What?” Alex frowns. “Isn’t that how stories are meant to end.”

“Well yeah,” I concede as I get up from the table to head for the fridge. Food always helps with writer’s block, right? “But no one writes that.”

“You get the idea though?”

Before I can answer I’m attacked, Alex has grabbed me from behind. “What are you doing!” He has my arms pinned to my sides, I can’t move.

“Saving you from yourself,” he says with a sigh as he starts to walk backwards, dragging me with him. “You need to write not eat.”

“You need to write not eat,” I mimic him badly.

“Hey what’s going on here?” D is back, all sweaty from a run.

“We’re doing a creative visualisation exercise,” Alex says as he drags me back to the table.

“Oh is that what you call it?” D smirks at us then takes a long drink of water.

I choose to ignore his comment and ask, “Where’s Max?”

They had gone running together more than an hour ago.

“I dunno,” D says with a shrug. “I guess he got lost.”

“You know that’s not actually possible right?” Alex takes his usual seat and picks up a book to read.

“Hey you’re back!” Max joins us, fresh from the shower as evidenced by the towel around his hips. “What took you so long?”

D glares at me, Max grins happily as he rubs a towel over his hair.

I type; “And they all lived happily ever after. The end.”

Alex snorts out a laugh. “Yeah babe, let’s pretend.”

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