Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine

Serial fiction part 6 (read the rest here)


“It’s okay baby,” D spoke quietly as he stroked her hair gently. “Doctor Max is going to take care of you.” He watched the other man, saw his eyes fixate on the shotgun for a moment.

“I sure am,” Max muttered as he looked away from the weapon and tapped the syringe he’d prepped. “Ready?”

“Go ahead,” she said, her voice weak.

Max picked up an antibacterial swab and went to open it but found his wrist locked in a strong grip. He looked at D’s hand then up at his face.

“Wrist’s are fragile.” He paused to squeeze a little bit harder and Max winced. “If anything happens to her, this wont be the only bone I break.”

“I took an oath,” Max snapped as he jerked his hand away. “As a doctor, I’ll do no harm.” He ripped open the packet and swabbed her upper arm. “But as a man … this will sting,” he warned and she hissed in a breath as the needle delivered the dose of medication. “If you ever grab me like that again.” He removed the needle and pressed a cotton swab over the injection site, taped it in place. “I’ll fucking kill you.”

Max took a step back from the couple on the stairs and met D’s eyes, letting him see he meant what he had said.

Not backing down a bit D told him; “I’ll do anything to protect her and I don’t need a shotgun to kill you.”

With a shrug and a grin Max said, “It’s a sweet gun, she’s a beautiful woman. Of course I thought about it.”

Shaking his head is disbelief D asked, “Are you insane or stupid?”

Max tilted his head to one side to think about it but didn’t get the chance to answer as the woman moaned. “Are you going to let me check her?”

“Sure thing Supernatural.” D gave him a come ahead signal and Max took a step closer then froze as the other man’s hand moved in a blur and all of a sudden he was holding a knife. A sleek little switch blade that working in ER, Max had a full appreciation of the damage it could do. “You even breath  wrong and I’ll give you an extra hole.”

“I told you, do no harm. And it’s Max,” he added as he got close enough to check the woman’s vitals. “I assume you have somewhere for her to rest up there.”

“We have a secure spot,” D assured.

“She needs rest and then another dose in a few hours.”

Taking a chance Max turned his back and walked over to his pack, shoving the medical kit inside. He was rewarded with the familiar sound of the shotgun being loaded.

“Why don’t you give me the medicine and then you can leave the same way you came in.”

“Hmmm, let me think about it for a minute? Nope.” Max said with a smile to soften the rejection.

“Really? You’re going to argue with Big Bertha here?” D lifted the shotgun a little.

“You named it?” Max laughed as he sat down on the floor started to dig through his pack. He found a bottle of water and took a drink then spoke again. “Look D, can I call you D?” The other man didn’t move. “Sweet. So, D, here’s the way things can happen. You can shoot me, take my stuff, then take your best guess as to what she needs, how much and how often.”

“Sounds like an awesome plan so far Supernatural.”

“It could work.” Max shrugged. “Or you could give her the wrong thing and kill her.” He grinned as D glared at him. “Of course, when you shoot me, I’m going to shoot back. You don’t know if I can shoot,” he said with a shrug. “Best case for you? I’m a lousy shot and I miss. Best case for me? I’m a fucking expert and I kill you, get the gun and the girl. Yipee ki yay for me right?”

“Like fuck!” D scoffed.

“Well, are you feeling lucky punk,” Max said in his best Clint Eastwood voice.

“Oh for fuck’s sake.”

“Option three, I’m really bad, like Stevie Wonder bad and I accidentally shoot her. Alternatively,” he said casually as D glared at him. “You can let me treat her, and maybe we can do an adult thing like, I don’t know, have a conversation. Then you’ll see I’m not a bad person and maybe, and I gotta be honest here D, this is the best part of the plan for me. Maybe you’ll let me find a safe place up there near you two and I can get some god damned sleep.”

Max held D’s stare, saw the moment he made his decision. Watched as he gently scooped the woman into his arms and stood.

“She named the gun. Once she wakes up you can tell us your story and we’ll decide … something.”

Better than nothing, Max nodded. “Okay then. In the meantime?” He looked upstairs in question.

“Yeah.” D nodded. “Go on up.” He waited for Max to go by then followed him up. “Second room on the right,” he directed and Max pushed open a door to reveal a small room with an actual bed.

“I must be dreaming,” he breathed as he walked in and touched the pillow.

“When will she need a second dose?” D’s voice interrupted his inspection of the bed.

“Six to eight hours, depends on how she is at the time,” Max replied absently as he sat down, bounced a little.

“Great, see you then.”

Before he could move the door closed and he heard the snick of a lock. More out of reflex than real interest he leaped up and went to the door, tried to open it.

“Fucker!” He yelled but got no response, didn’t really care. He had a bed, in a secure room. A minute later he was asleep.

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