Bizarre Love Triangle

Bizarre Love Triangle

D: So we’re perplexed today?

Alex: (smirks) Yeah man, frown and look confused

D: (frowns) You know what I find perplexing?

Alex: (mumbles) Oh I can’t wait to hear this this little nugget of wisdom

D: What?

Alex: What?

D: (mumbles) You’re a fucktard

Alex: (glares at D) What?

D: (glares back) You! What are you still doing here? Didn’t you have a story already?

Alex: (scoffs) No

D: (mutters) You did so

Alex: (sighs) Listen Princess, you’re pretty new around here but I’m sure you’re not a total moron –

D: Hey!

Alex: What? I said not a total moron? Anyway, you’ll learn. Sometimes you’re in a story then you’re not. Or your story is taking a really long time to write. Like those guys (points to a table in the corner)

D: (startled) Fuck, where did they come from?

Alex: (yawns) Relax D, you don’t even notice them after a while

D: (stares at the table for a while then shudders) Poor bastards

Alex: Ignore them, she is

D: She’s ignoring us too isn’t she?

Alex: Be grateful, no kilts tonight


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      Well if the prompt takes me there in the future, you may get more 😉

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