Never, Never Gonna Give You Up

Never, Never Gonna Give You Up

“Hey baby they did a prompt for you!” Alex yelled.

I glared at him, pointed at my ears.

“Oh!” He pulled off his headphones. “Sorry,” he said with a grin.

“How is it for me?” I wondered.

“It’s nearly your birthday, so mention what kind of cake you want.”

“Oh right, I guess I could.”

“Yep, then go write something decent.” Alex put his headphones back on. “No more jokes and memes babe, write something,” he growled.

Easy for him to say …



    1. Author

      Cook me cake dammit!

    1. Author

      No, ‘Never, Never Gonna Give You Up’ is by Cake. Rick Astley sung ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. Now off to play Cake on repeat so Mr Astley doesn’t get stuck in my head!

    1. Author

      Just don’t go looking at any of mine!

        1. Author

          Too late, all gone 😛

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