It’s Raining Men

It’s Raining Men

“Alex?” I whispered.

“Yeah babe?” He mumbled, still playing whatever game had him so enthralled earlier.

“Where’s Blondie?” I whispered again and looked around. I hadn’t seen him for hours.

“You’ve lost him again?” He looked up with a smirk. “I thought you were the expert writer?”

“I never said I was an expert,” I protested.

“Expert trouble maker,” he muttered, going back to his game.

“What?” I threw my stress ball at him, whacking him in the shoulder.

“You wrote him, your fault baby,” he said and yawned.

“I gave him away though. He just wont … go!”

“You wound me honey,” a deep voice drawls. “Careful or I might think you don’t like me!”

“Blondie,” I smile at him. I have to admit I sort of missed him.

“Still no name for me then?”

“Not yet,” I confirm as he wanders over to Alex, watches him play for a few seconds then looks at me.

“So what about these Hemsworths?”

“Hmm, I don’t think you’re a Chris or a Liam.” I shake my head.

“Come on sugar, you can’t keep calling me Blondie,” he says as he takes his shirt off and I squint to try to make out his tattoo.

“Wha … ” I pause to clear my throat. “What are you doing?”

“Getting ready for bed.” His hands go the button on his jeans.

“Oh.” Blue denim slides down and then I see nothing, Alex’s hand covering my eyes. “Come on, Alex!” I protest.

“Man, we talked about this,” I hear Alex growl.

“What? You afraid she’ll see something she likes?” Blondie says lazily.

“Fuck me,” Alex sighs, his hand still over my eyes.

Great, I have tall dark and broody and tall blonde and smutty!


  1. I’m kind of speechless. This guy is taking on a life of his own, he might become bigger than Ben Hur.

    Another good story, thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Author

      What can I say, Alex likes the company!

    1. Author

      What fun is that!

      1. AJ was at work. My mind was so not in a work space….

        1. Author

          Ah those Hemsworth brothers *sigh* Blondie went on to become D who is in the Zombie serial now.

          1. I picked up on that. Does D stand for anything?

            1. Author

              It does and I know what it is but it hasn’t come out yet. Neither has the girls name and I’m blank there. Names are so hard!

              1. They are. AJ does a lot of research picking names… except like most of the boys in my story, they all got random generated names that sounded cool… now some of them are becoming part of my story and not accessories to the fact

                1. Author

                  Some are instant, like Alex and Max. D took his time deciding. Tate from the Big Bad Wolf was researched and Red’s name was never revealed but also researched. Rockstar Nick was instant too and while I just liked the name Sienna.
                  One of my goto things is popular baby names for the last few years, that’s always fun!

                  1. Yeah AJ used popular baby names for 2009 to name a kid that is mentioned tomorrow. I think iys tomorrow

                    1. Author

                      Oh I’ll have to try to guess which one it is!

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