Add It Up

Add It Up

In case you missed it, Alex is back

What’s that I hear? A growl? No, a snarl. Oops!

“What the actual fuck have you done!” He demands as he walks, no stomps, into the room.

“Alex,” I say with a smile. “How’re things?”

“Makeup! I have fucking makeup on?” In case I can’t see his perfectly applied eye liner he leans down, trapping me in my seat.

“Well you’re acting like an emo princess, I thought you should look like one,” I cheerfully tell him.

“You are … ” He shakes his head, lost for words. “I should …”

“What Alex? Come on, there’s no one to see anything, no witness. What should you do?”

“Baby?” He leans closer, having absolutely no respect for my personal space.

“Yes princess?” I whisper with a smirk.

He smirks right back then growls, “Fuck you.”


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