The Next Fifty Months

The Next Fifty Months

Fifty. That’s how many months the Tiny Empress has been with me. Not counting those in utero of course. She has learned a phenomenal amount in that time. Fifty months to learn to walk, talk, feed herself. She can write her name, sing the alphabet as well as a few favourite songs and nursery rhymes. She can count to 30 and with a little help, beyond.

“What comes after 39 mama?”
“41, 42, 43 … ”

She has a lot of favourite things: food, toys, people, clothes, jokes, songs, et al. She has a great imagination, loves to read books, has a better memory than me and can be a little bit stubborn.

She’s pretty awesome really. In another fifty months time, she will be the age that the Pre-tween Queen is now. So in the next fifty months she will learn to read and write, learn to argue and throw temper tantrums. At least that’s what the Pre-tween Queen does.

Wish me luck, on the next fifty months!

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