Eyes Without A Face

Eyes Without A Face

For the Daily Prompt Eyes

What colour are my eyes babe?

“You don’t have eyes Alex,” I look over to find him laying on the couch, his eyes closed.

Of course I do. What colour are they?

“You’re not real, therefore no eyes,” I say with a sigh. “We’ve been over this.”

Yeah ok, keep telling yourself that.

I bet he’s smirking. “Fine. They’re – ”

No, it’s okay. no need to pretend. I’m not real so it doesn’t matter.

“Alex,” I begin apologetically. I’ve hurt his (my?) feelings.

But, consider this; maybe you’re the one who’s not real.

“I’m … what now?”

Could be you’re the figment of my imagination.

“Um, I don’t think so,” I glare at him, still laying there with his eyes closed.

Close your eyes for a moment.

“I don’t have time for this.”

Just do it

I look up at him standing beside me, waiting expectantly. I close my eyes.

Good. Now I want you to think about what you’re typing.


“What do the hands look like. On the keyboard?”

They’re just hands, ten fingers, short nails, I shrug.

“Any jewellery?”

Hmm, yeah. A ring, some kind of dark metal on the right hand.

“It’s tungsten babe,” he says with a smile. “Do you happen to wear a ring like that?”

No, I snort. It’s very obviously a man’s ring.

“So who do you think does. Who do you think is typing this?”


“Yeah babe?”

What colour are my eyes?



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