Daily Prompt Ghost

I am quite irrationally scared of ghosts. I don’t like to think about them, let alone talk about the possibility of them. As if I might draw their attention by doing so. Does that mean I believe in them and view them as malevolent? I really don’t like to think about them long enough to answer that!

As a child, maybe aged around 12, I had a recurring nightmare. I was on a family vacation, staying in a caravan in the lovely town of Busselton where my Dad was working. The highlight of the nightmare was me trapped in the caravan with things flying around the room, poltergeist style. Now I said it was a nightmare but the thing is, my Dad did work there for a time and we went to stay at a caravan park to visit him.

In the years since, I have had moments of wondering if it was a nightmare or a memory? Other things from that trip are crystal clear in my memory, as is the feeling of being trapped with objects flying around. In the nightmare(?) I remember speaking to the forces(?), promising that I meant them no harm and after a while everything stopped flying around and the door opened.

Around the same time, another dream(?). Back home, I wake in the middle of the night with the same feeling from the nightmare. I couldn’t open my eyes for some reason or maybe I didn’t want to. I was sure I wasn’t alone, I could feel the presence of someone beside me. The air was oppressive with … melancholy? In the dream(?) I whispered that it was okay and just kept repeating it.

Now, if I did believe in such things that I wont think about or mention, I might also believe that the nightmare and the dream were actually memories. I might also think back, recall other times when I’ve been in an empty room but felt like I wasn’t alone.

I’ve said too much now … sshhh.

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