Out Of My Head

Out Of My Head

Today’s Daily Prompt Obsessed

She left. Two weeks later I still can’t really believe it. She took one sip of her coffee then stood up, said she had to go and she did. I sat there in shock as she stepped over my leg which was blocking her in and watched her rush out the door.

By the time I got my brain working well enough to follow, she was gone, disappeared into the crush of weekend shoppers. We had barely spoken, I didn’t even know her name. That should have been the end of it but I was obsessed, couldn’t stop thinking about her. I found every excuse to go back to that coffee shop, someone at work wanted coffee? I was up for a coffee run. They had a decent food menu too, I’d eaten there every day just on the off-chance she’d come in again.

Two weeks later and Gary knows my drink, starts brewing it when I walk in then he gives me a head shake, letting me know she hasn’t been in yet. I collect my coffee and sit down at our table, my eyes are trained on the shoe shop I first noticed her walking out of. Sleek curves, crazy beautiful hair. I altered my course to walk by her and was pleasantly shocked by the way she looked at me.

She’d agreed to a drink, coffee. We could chat, flirt, pave a road to something more. That was the plan anyway. But she left before we got to any of that. A stroll around the shops? I would have done that. A chic-flick? I was there. Romantic dinner? Sign me up. Back scratching, hair pulling, screaming, pounding sex? Well, if she insisted.

If she existed. Maybe I’d imagined the whole thing? But no, Gary had seen her. Hell, Gary had made her coffee before, almost regularly according to him. My coffee was cold by the time I took the last mouthful. I tossed the empty cup in the bin and headed for the door knowing I’d be back tomorrow and the next day and the next. As long as it took to see her again…

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  1. hey i know its crazy but had to comment….again (you don’t mind that do you?) now please i just wanted to know whether u going to continue this story?.. like till the end? (no rush for that but please just don’t stop)

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