The Rainbow Connection

The Rainbow Connection

This weeks Discover Challenge is Connection

Apparently, there is a way to communicate with the world without being a celebrity of some sort. You don’t have to make a movie or be a supermodel or a reality star. Just by sharing yourself, sharing your thoughts, your writing, your photographs, your art, you too can get that little illicit thrill of being heard. Being acknowledged. Being followed. And not in an evil stalker paparazzi way either.

It’s not overly complicated, just start a blog. A what now? I’m pretty new to this blogging world and I wasn’t sure what to do to start. I perused other blogs. Some wrote about what they were cooking for dinner. Some wrote about their lives in its many forms. The tribulations of raising tweens. The secret life of their pets. Their journal of self discovery. Some spiritual, some actual journeys. Many just write. Poetry, prose, fiction. The blogging world has got it all (I’m still figuring mine out but I tend to write fiction in case you are wondering).

I’ve always enjoyed writing. When I was 14, I wrote a post apocalyptic short story that featured people eating people (they were dead already!). My teacher enjoyed it so much she had me read it to the class. That was my first experience of having my writing appreciated and receiving positive feedback. I have to tell you I didn’t make many friends from that story but it sure added to my ‘that weird chick’ vibe. I didn’t rush out and get a blog or try to write a book though. We didn’t actually have easy internet access and blogs back then anyway. What I did do was continue with my journaling and writing fiction.

I had the vague idea that one day I would write a book. I could write, I loved to read, it would be easy, right? Okay, maybe not. Some 20 plus years later, I still haven’t written that book. In fact, in that time I’ve barely written at all. Looking back, I can see why. Why would I write? Who was I writing for?


I’m not writing music but the same premise applies. I stopped writing because no one cared if I wrote or not. So I needed an audience to … encourage me to write. I needed a way to be accountable, a reason to sit down and bash out a few words every day.

The Daily Prompt is just that for me. I write because it tells me to. I write because of the people who have taken the time to like something that I’ve written, make a comment and even hit that ‘Follow’ button. They might be counting on me to write something today to fill their void, make them think, make them roll their eyes and sigh. I don’t really care how they react, if they liked or didn’t like what I wrote. But I feel connected to them and I don’t want to let them down by not writing anything.

As a wannabe writer (not of post apocalyptic cannibal fiction but of slightly smutty romance), I get a thrill from knowing someone has read what I have written, I get an extra buzz when they have liked it. Can you blame me? Who doesn’t want to be liked? It also gives me a faint glimmer of hope that when I do finish that first book, someone besides me might just take the time to read it. Someone besides me might enjoy it. It may not be someone I connected to through my blog, but they, you, are part of the reason I keep writing. So some of the blame, err credit, will lay with them.

Whether across the street, the country or the world, we are all connected. Through our families, our work, our hobbies, and now, our blogs. Like Kermit sang, “the lovers, the dreamers and me.”


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      Oh thank you! Glad you enjoy my writing. Would love to check out your blog also if you’d like me to?

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