Truly Madly Deeply

Truly Madly Deeply

Today’s Daily Prompt is Profound

Part 1 here

“Hey wait!” I reach out and touch her shoulder, this slip of a woman who just gave me the filthiest once over, the most profound eye fuck I’ve ever received, as she walked by. I had to call her on it, any excuse to talk to her.

She spins back to face me, her hair flaring out a little before settling, the long black strands tinted with blue and purple reaching half way down her back. Her head tilts back as she looks up at me, arching a brow in question.

“You can’t just,” I fumble for words, her direct stare making me nervous and tongue tied.

“Yes?” she prompts with a little smile.

“You can’t just look at me like that then walk away,” I manage to put a sentence together.

“I think I can,” she takes a step away from me, then another. “See, walking.”

“Been doing that long?” I ask as I match her step for step. “Most people do it forwards you know.”

“I’m not most people,” she shrugs but stops moving. “So what was I meant to do if not walk away?” she tilts her head to one side, her hair sliding off her shoulder.

“I usually get a meal or at the very least a drink before I get looked at like that.”

“I doubt that,” her eyes drop and if she keeps looking at me like that I’m going to end up giving her a little something extra to look at.

“I really do. Can I buy you a coffee?” I incline my head to the coffee shop behind her.

She lifts her eyes to mine and makes me wait for her answer. “Sure,” she shrugs. “But I’m telling you, that,” she makes a V with her index and middle fingers, points to her eyes then to me and moves them up and down. “Happens all the time to you, you just don’t notice.”

“Huh,” it would be pretty rude to call bullshit on her right then. “If you say so.”

I lead her into the coffee shop and we find a table then I go order for us both.

“Surprise me,” had been her request.

I get to the counter and there’s a 20 something hipster type serving. I’m hoping to get lucky here.

“What’ll it be?” his tone is more attentive than bored thankfully..

“Did you notice the woman I came in with?” I ask with a head tilt in her direction.

“Hell yeah,” he says with a little bit too much enthusiasm and I glare at him. “I mean, yeah, sure,” he clears his throat.

“Any chance she’s a regular customer?” I smile.

“Sure, she’s been in a few times before,” he nods, happy to be helping.

“What does she usually get?”

“Ahh,” he grins now, getting with my plan. “Pretty sure it’s a caramel mocha with whipped cream,” he looks more than sure. This guy is a superstar.

“Great, one of those and a vanilla latte please.”

He tells me he’ll bring them over so I pay and tip him generously.

“Wont be long,” I tell her as I sit down opposite her, stretching my legs out to bracket her chair. “So, do you come here often?”



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