So What

So What

Today’s Daily Prompt Apology

“Excuse me.”

I look up, way up into a strong featured face, brows a little heavy, sharp cheekbones, square jaw.

I have to swallow before I can answer. “Yes?”

“I think you owe me an apology,” I watch his lips move as he speaks so it takes a moment or three for his words to sink in.

“I … sorry, what?” I shake my head in confusion and manage to drag my eyes back to his. I suppress my sigh at how green they are because that would be you know, inappropriate.

“You owe me an apology,” he repeats himself patiently, his mouth tilting up just a little on one side as if he might smile. I remind myself to breath and participate in this almost conversation we have going.

“Did I get in your way or bump into you?” I look around but there is plenty of space around us and I’m pretty sure I would have remembered making contact with him. Pretty sure that moment would be imprinted on my brain forever.

“Ah no,” he sort of snickers as he looks down at me. Okay, I might only be five and a half feet tall but that’s a bit rude. Not everyone is built like this man is and if I had bumped into a normal sized person, they would have noticed.

“So what was I apologising for?” I prompt.

“Well I was going to say for the little eye fuck you gave me as I walked by but now I think you owe me at least two more,” he smirks and it’s everything I hoped it would be and more.

“So three eye fucks was it?” I tilt my head very obviously looking him over. “Sorry,” I say as I stare at his jeans clad thighs.

“Sorry,” my eyes linger on his groin then lift to his flat stomach and broad chest. “Sorry,” I detour to the side because his arms are like wow. Those biceps? Drool worthy! “Sorry,” I bite my lip as I stare at his mouth a little bit too long before finally dragging my eyes to his. “And sorry. You missed one,” I shrug and grin at the look on his face. Shock, surprise, amusement. “Really sorry,” I sigh as I take one last look and walk away.


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