Word Up!

Word Up!

Today’s Daily Prompt Admire

C’mon babe, think of something

“Blah,” I don’t even look up.

I admire your dedication to ignoring me

“Haha,” I sigh. I can hear the smirk in Alex’s voice

Look up the definition, some synonyms. Here we are, cherish, revere … hmmm

He’s sprawled on the couch reading a thesaurus?

Try and focus here babe, he says then yawns

Say something about how you adore and worship me

“Pfft,” I roll my eyes. “You’re such a treasure, I appreciate you so much.”

Don’t forget respect and honour, he prompts ever so helpfully

“You’re a real prize Alex, something to marvel at,” I can’t help but laugh as he grins happily

There you go, done!

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