Today’s Daily Prompt is Elusive

Serial Fiction, previous parts here

“We missed her by minutes! Minutes! Do you get me? Minutes!”

“Ty calm down,” Ben shoved his hand through his hair in frustration as he looked up at the building.

“You fucking calm down,” Ty snapped. “Minutes!” He gave the black SUV they’d arrived in a shove, rocking it a little.

Ben grabbed Ty’s shoulder, spun him around. “Control yourself!” he snapped.

A moment later he found himself hanging from Ty’s hands as he bared his teeth and growled. He rolled his eyes and peeled Ty’s fingers from his throat, landing lightly on his feet.

“We should sell tickets for this show you’re putting on,” he twisted his neck from side to side then took a step back as he focused on Ty’s narrowed eyes.

“What was that?” Ty went still, closed his eyes. “I can feel …” his head snapped up and he looked at neighbouring building. There was a thread, just for an instant, so elusive.

“You feel what?” Ben looked over too. “We had the right building didn’t we? Our tip was good?”

“We did,” Ty answered without looking away from that building. It was as if he could feel her there but it didn’t make sense. “The pan was still warm, the glass from her milk cold,” he said pensively. “We missed her by minutes.”

Gone was the coolly controlled agent who had climbed out of the car ten minutes ago. In his place, a hunter denied his prey. Feral and out of control. This was one of the problems with ‘The Protocol’, this unpredictable reaction to separation. It hadn’t been predicted, hadn’t been expected. In their arrogance they hadn’t considered that anyone would want to leave.

“I get it man,” Ben kept his voice calm. “We’ll find her again, you know we will.”

“No,” Ty shook his head, his eyes still on that building. “I don’t know that and it kills me to thin of her out there alone, thinking that I don’t … that I only used her.”

“So what do you want to do? We can search the nearby buildings but …”

“You were here the whole time I was inside, there’s another team at the back of the building and they didn’t see her. We’ve cleared this building,” Ty sighed with frustration. “The only thing that makes sense is that she left before we got here.”

“The tether?” Ben said hopefully.

“If it’s in place I sure as hell can’t feel it,” Ty looked at Ben with a frown. “It does beg the question of how she knew we were coming though, doesn’t it?”

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