Celebrate The Failure

Celebrate The Failure

Today’s Daily Prompt is Elusive

Every idea seems wrong, bad, boring. None of the songs I’m playing sound right. I need … I don’t know what. I can’t find the feeling, the word, the concept, that will make it all work.


“What?” I glare at Alex, sitting with his feet up on the table.

Oh poor me, the angst ridden author who just can’t find the words

He mocks me with a smirk.

“It’s the prompt idiot,” I mutter and give his feet a shove.

Weak as –

“Bite me,” I cut him off.

Is that an invitation babe?

“Don’t call me babe,” I sigh in frustration.

Right, what’s that other name you like me to call you? I just can’t quite think of it … it’s on the tip my tongue … it’s just so … elusive


  1. I just hate it when the word we want to use is on the tip of the tongue but cannot come out

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