Road To Nowhere

Road To Nowhere

Today’s Daily Prompt: Sanctuary

I take one last look at the cabin then walk away, leaving Joel and Skye snug inside. It had served it’s purpose as a sanctuary while I recovered from my stay on the island but now I needed to find a different kind of sanctuary. A sanctuary for my soul, to be just a little romantic and a lot melodramatic.

I had no idea where I was going, I just knew I couldn’t stay still any longer. Every journey starts with a single step right? I’d taken my first, second, third and counting. Nothing else to do as I walked anyway. We need a plan, that’s what she’d said so this was mine. To follow my instincts and just go.



  1. But…. more… I do hope there might be more in the future…

    1. Author

      More from Alex? He has his own tag, though he has been quiet lately.

      1. Finished reading the story, should the tagged items be read in the order posted? Or whatever doesn’t matter?

        1. Author

          Think you already read them so you know it doesn’t really matter 🙂

      2. Yeah I just finished the last one *pout*

        1. Author

          I know it’s been a while. Since I wouldn’t let him take the Big Bad Wolf story in a NSFW direction he’s been sulking.

          1. awwww. He needs to find something else then.

            1. Author

              He’s so fussy! Didn’t want to hunt zombies or be a rockstar (he’s rolling his eyes at me!) then I ask what does he want and he says I know but I don’t. Ugh!

              1. lol. AJ’s contimplating my next story already. Something big needs to happen at the end of it, but the prior version of the story won’t work so new method needs to be found to get there… and I’m not even done with this and Sterling is up next… she promised the little nephelim

                1. Author

                  Wait, what? AJ will be allowed to write about someone else? What ever will you do Nox!!

                  1. haha. I have my daily blog to keep up with. She can’t ignore me. She writes others often enough. Some of them like to try to steal the lime light, but I always win in the end. But I will be in Sterling’s story, just not the pov and not the main character.

                    1. Author

                      So you are enjoying the daily blogging? I struggle at times, my recent haiku streak reveals that!

                    2. I am. I think i get repratative. But the prompts do that. Striving for a year of posts. Im enjoying the story telling this way. Its different tho twitter kinda sucks

                    3. Author

                      I don’t tweet so can’t comment on that except to say the bits you tweet are fun. I tried to see if any of my WIPs could be broken up like you have done with The Last Phoenix then I thought I should finish the story before I start sharing it!

                    4. Phoenix is broken up by scene. I wrote it for nov nano finished it in dec i think. Sat and AJ got brave and shared it

                    5. Author

                      I never finished my Nano, I don’t work well under pressure! Phoenix os good though, well done!

                    6. Thanks. I dont do well underpessure either. AJ likes to write tho and the deadline is a strange motivation.

                    7. Author

                      I thought it would be too but I lost a couple of days due to illness and never caught up.
                      I get too caught up and obsessive about it, I did that with daily blogging for a while. Now I make sure to skip a day occasionally so I don’t get sucked back in.
                      Plus, less writing time means more reading time so it’s a win-win for me 🙂

                    8. AJ gets withdrawals if she dont write often enough and thinks about doing things she shouldnt. Her bff is asked to slap her when she has those thoughts.

                    9. Author

                      I get that. I write daily but I don’t always blog what I write. What kind of things shouldn’t AJ be doing???

                    10. Neither does AJ. Joining an old rp site that enfs up pissing her off

                    11. Author

                      Ahh, I see! If I’m not writing I’m either reading or playing Mario Kart. I have some old RPGers that I’d love to play but they are a big time sink that I can’t afford.

                    12. AJs likes her video games too. To many hobbies not enough time lol

  2. AJ likes her video games, too many hobbies to little time.

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