All The Time

All The Time

Today’s Daily Prompt: Clock

“Tick tock Alex, time’s a wastin’.”

“Time is irrelevant here,” he opened his eyes, took in the ceiling of the cabin.

“True but, we can’t stay here forever,” she sighed.

“But I like it here,” he yawned and rolled to his side. “I especially like the view.”

“Hmm, I wondered about that,” she stood up from the couch and took a step towards him. “What am I wearing?” She arched a brow in query.

“That would be my old hockey jersey,” he said with a sigh of satisfaction. “Come here,” he growled, crooked a finger at her.

“We should talk, make plans,” she protested half heartedly as she walked towards him.

“I have a plan baby,” he assured as he grabbed her hand when she got close enough. A tug had her sliding onto the bed beside him. “God you smell good,” he groaned.

“A plan to escape Alex,” his name came out on a moan as he nuzzled her throat.

“I’ve missed you,” he whispered as her hands slid into his hair holding him close.

“Not possible, we’ve never met,” she whispered back.

“Keep telling yourself that baby,” he laughed as he moved over her, settled between her thighs, a perfect fit. “Meanwhile, I’ll re-introduce myself,” he rubbed his lips over hers gently. “I’m Alex,” he bit her lip just how she liked it.

“Alex,” she sighed, one of her hands sliding down to cup his jaw tenderly.

“Yes baby?” he grinned against her mouth.

“What am I going to do with you?” she shook her head, gave his hair a little pull.

“I have a few idea,” he smirked.

“We don’t have much time,” she frowned as she stared into his eyes.

“I can be quick,” he promised but he kissed her slowly, deeply.

She was lost in him for long minutes, he threaded his fingers through hers, pinning her arms over her head as he moved his mouth lower.

“Alex we’re running out of time,” she whispered as he bit her shoulder.

“No,” he groaned, his fingers tightening on hers.

“Look at the clock,” she urged.

“What clock?” he lifted his head to look around the room. “Babe?”

“Time to wake up everyone, the coffee is ready,” Joel called out cheerfully from the kitchen.

“Ah fuck,” Alex grimaced as he sat up in the bed. “I’m awake,” he called out to acknowledge Joel.

“Me too,” he heard Skye answer from her bed on the couch. “Good morning,” she was nearly as cheerful as Joel.

“Well it’s morning anyway,” Alex agreed, not so cheerfully. He laid back down and pulled the pillow over his head, breathed in her scent. “Damn clocks.”

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