Born To Run

Born To Run

Today’s Daily Prompt: Punishment

Serial Fiction, find Part 1 here

She waited. Mere seconds before she head the thud of footsteps, heard him swear harshly.

The temptation to look was almost overwhelming, holding her back? The fear of being found, the subsequent punishment. Instead she listened as he paced, swore then the clatter as he climbed back down.

Still she waited. Then she crawled across the rooftop to peer over the edge. The car was still there, as was the man in the suit but he wasn’t alone now. He was there. The two men exchanged terse words before he turned and banged his fists against the car. She gasped as the SUV rocked on it’s wheel then he spun and was holding the other man by the throat.

“Ty no,” she whispered, the words torn from her. She covered her mouth with her hand quickly and ducked down out of sight. For a moment the tether snapped into place and she felt his anger, his frustration, and strangely, his pain at not finding her. She cut it off frantically, brutally, the recoil ricocheted through her head and she collapsed on her back with a low moan.

Time passed as she lay there, waiting for the blinding pain to ease. When she finally sat up, the pain was a dull throb, the blood that had leaked from her nose and ears had dried and a cautious look revealed an empty street, the car and the men in suits gone. She took the time to open a water bottle and clean up then pulled on a ball cap and dark glasses and headed to street level. The internal stairs were empty, the sounds of daytime TV and crying babies echoed through the halls. So normal, so blind.

She exited the building and started walking, her rucksack a familiar weight on her shoulder. There was another safe place close by and a grocery store on the way so she could stop and get some food. As she walked she considered the fact that it had taken them three weeks to find her this time. She was getting better at hiding, better at running too.

Not good enough yet, as evidenced by the tether reacting so violently. It sat inside her now, throbbing and angry, that brief connection had awakened it and it wanted more. As she selected cereal and placed milk, cheese and bread in a shopping basket, she soothed it by singing. Yeah, she looked like a crazy person singing to herself but it was better than the alternative. By the time she let herself into the new space the tether was slumbering, a glittering rope coiled in her mind.

She wanted to rest, take the time to meditate and soothe it properly but first she placed her go bags, practised her escape routes. She had to be Ready after all.

Continues here

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