Another response to the Daily Prompt of Slowly

Dinner was eaten, dishes done, games played. Monopoly was getting boring, maybe they could play strip poker next time?

Skye wouldn’t mind seeing Alex or Joel naked. Over the last two weeks they had regained lost weight, were looking healthy and fit. While Skye worked at her computer during the day she was often distracted by the sight of the two men working out, and at night one or both of them often went for a run. They would return sweaty and shirtless while she played possum, pretending to be asleep on the couch, all the while drinking in the sight they made.

She would listen to the shower, her imagination running wild while her hand moved slowly between her legs. Not too fast, can’t get too excited, breath too heavily. So most times, her imagination stayed PG-13, above the waist nudity only. She would picture Alex, his dark hair wet and spiky as water ran down his muscular chest. Then Joel, his dark blonde slicked back as he tipped his face up to the water.

Was it wrong of her to fantasise about them both? Alex was so intense and barely spoke to her while Joel was friendly and open. He had even started flirting with her in the last few days and she had flirted back. At first she had felt awkward given her encounters with Alex but as the days passed and he continued to be polite but distant that feeling had faded as had her initial attraction to Alex. Instead, she found herself watching Joel more, picturing him when she closed her eyes.

Being completely honest with herself, she had to admit that she was attracted to Joel, her feelings growing slowly, feeling more genuine. Not like the instalust she’d felt for Alex, the almost desperate need for his attention. If that was the kind of feeling he inspired in a woman, she was grateful he wasn’t her type.

Her eyes took in the two men who were by the door, stretching in preparation for a run. While they were out, she’d indulge in a little ‘me’ time. She could picture Joel on his knees before her, his hands moving slowly down her body …

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