You have a book crush

I look up to find Alex standing in the doorway.

“Where have you been?” I frown at him.

Oh you know, around. So who’s your book crush?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Where were you last night? I had to do … something different.”

I didn’t think you’d notice. You spent most of the day reading after all. How’s your word count?

“Yeah, yeah,” I ignore his knowing smirk. “I’m allowed to read you know,” I defend myself..

Mmmhmm, book crush

I roll my eyes at his sing-song comment. “I had that thing you know? Where you don’t have anything to say so I don’t have anything to write?”

Oh so it’s my fault?

“Or course,” and I’m so mature I poke my tongue out at him. “I’m just a bit stuck,” I admit with a shrug.

Put that song on, it helps when you’re … stuck. Or can I offer some extra … inspiration?

He puts his hands on the buttons of his shirt.

“You had your chance last night,” I turn away from him. “I have words to count now, be gone.”



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