Today’s Daily Prompt: Depth

Five nights earlier…
“Do you know how deep it is or how far we have to go?” Joel looked a little grey, no surprise after the energy he had already expelled.

“No idea,” Alex shook his head. “You can swim right?”

“Sure,” he nodded and took a step closer to the water.

“If you need to wait …” Alex looked behind them. Nothing but trees but he had no idea when The Blands would realise they were missing.

“We don’t really have time,” Joel shook his head.

“I’ll be right beside you,” Alex was tired too but he agreed, they had to go now.

It was thanks to Joel’s talent that they had gotten out. While Alex could travel inside his mind, Joel could use energy, whether stored in a battery or through power lines to do … other things. Because of that they had been completely unmonitored in their cell, enabling Alex to do his thing which eventually netted them the batteries needed to escape.

A swiss army knife had allowed them to pick the lock then using the batteries as his energy source they had snuck out of the compound. Experience had taught them the power was closely monitored so tapping into the compounds lines had been out f the question. Instead, the batteries gave Joel the juice he needed to change the air around them, making them invisible to the camera’s that lined the halls away from their cell.

The first time they had tried to escape they had gotten to the control room before the power spike had tipped off their captors and they had cut the power revealing Alex and Joel right outside the door. This time the batteries had held out long enough to get them into the trees and Joel had been able to tell there was no monitoring devices beyond the buildings.

They’d headed for the lake but avoided the path the Blands used. No doubt that would lead to transport of some form but that was also the first place they’d  look once they realised Alex and Joel were missing. Which is why they were wading into the cold inky water, darkness all around them.

“Fuck it’s cold,” Joel swore as the water reached their hips.

“Think warm thoughts,. Holy fuck!” Alex gasped in a breath as they slowly submerged.

“Fuck that, I’m thinking about food,” Joel said through chattering teeth. ‘F-f-fried chicken, a mountain of potato salad and a chocolate milkshake.”

“Sounds good. But I’d make it a strawberry milkshake and a loaded pizza,” Alex groaned at the thought.

They lapsed into silence as they swam slowly and steadily until a sound other than their breathing and the splashes of their slow strokes penetrated the night.

“Is that?” Joel stopped swimming to listen as did Alex.

“Waves on the shore,” Alex looked over, his grin a slash of white in the darkness.

“Don’t think less of me if I crawl out and kiss the ground,” Joel said then struck out with renewed energy.

“Joel wait!” Alex’s voice was low but urgent as he quickly caught up.


“I think there’s someone there,” he squinted towards the edge of the water.

“I should have enough juice to get us by them, so long as we can find somewhere close by to hide. Come on.”

They stopped in the shallows, moving forward slowly as they stared at the figure on the shore.

“Well, that’s unexpected,” Alex stopped moving, grabbing Joel’s arm to stop him also. “That’s Skye,” he inclined his head to the woman with long blonde hair who was looking out over the water, her face anxious.

“How did you let her know where we’d come out of the water?” Joel stared, he couldn’t help it, she was gorgeous.

“I didn’t,” Alex shook his head. “Well,” he sighed. “Let’s go see why she’s here.”

“Alex!” her whisper carried across the water.

“Sounds like she knows you’re here,” Joel arched a brow and they start to wade through the water.

“Are you still doing your thing?” ALex asked a moment later as they drew closer but Sky kept looking past them

“Oh right, I forgot,” Joel grinned and stopped and Skye’s eyes went wide in surprise.

They walked up to her and she held out her hands towards them. “I brought you a towel.”

“Thanks. How did you know to be here?” Alex and Joel took one each and wiped their faces and hair. As cold as it had been on the island, the air was warm here and it wouldn’t take long for the thin sweats they wore to dry.

“I just had a feeling,” Skye answered and there was something in her voice, a depth of feeling, a sense of importance to her words.

Alex felt it but had no response for her. The silence drew out uncomfortably until she spoke again. “My car’s over there,” she gestured and they all looked over.

“Don’t suppose you have some fried chicken and a chocolate milkshake in there?” Joel asked hopefully.

“Um, yes to both actually. One chocolate and one strawberry,” Sky smiled at Joel’s little cheer.

“Really? Huh,” Alex looked at Joel with a frown.

“Skye right? I’m Joel. Thanks for the towel,” Joel introduced himself belatedly.

“Oh sure,” Skye replied but ignored the hand he held out to her, her eyes on Alex.

“We should get out of here,” Alex looked back at the lake for a moment then back towards the car. “Did someone say something about chicken?”


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