Today’s Daily Prompt: Feast

“Wow sugar, that’s some Feast you’re planning!”

I smile absently at the older woman scanning my groceries. She was right, there was a lot of food but Alex and Joel ate a lot. I didn’t know if it was because they were catching up, both of them obviously underweight or if it was normal for them.

“We’re doing Christmas in July,” I explain as she packs my bags. “Don’t be surprised if I’m back for more tomorrow.”

I tuck the groceries beside the bags of clothes I’d bought earlier then slide behind the wheel for the short drive to the cabin. The night they’d ‘arrived’ I’d rushed out and gotten them a change of clothes each, it hadn’t occurred to me that they’d need shoes. More clothes of course but not shoes so when it came time to venture out for more food I’d had to go alone and included more things for them both on my list.

This would be the fourth day we’d spent together, the three of us, all cosy! Alex and Joel had been sharing the bed while I slept on the couch, it was the only way that made sense with only the King size bed and couch available. Of course I could have shared the bed with Alex but he hadn’t suggested it so neither had I.

I was actually surprised they were still here, had expected them to rush to the authorities and back to their families to let them know they were okay but Alex said it wasn’t safe for them to leave and it wasn’t safe for anyone to know where they were. Oh, and it was better if I didn’t know anything more than that.

I was a little annoyed by his attitude but at same time happy he wasn’t leaving. His friend Joel was nice too, we had spent a lot of time playing cards and monopoly, the only games in the cabin, while Alex paced around restlessly and stared out the window a lot. Then he would sit with his eyes closed for long periods, nothing has been said but I think he’s trying to contact someone the same way he did me.

I pull into the drive and see the curtain at the window twitch and before I turn the car off Joel is at my door opening it for me.

“You shouldn’t be out here,” I say looking around to make sure no one has seen him.

“I’m okay, I’m doing my thing,” he grins then moves to the back of the car to wait for me.

That explains why I didn’t see him approach me. His ‘thing’ is that he can use power in strange ways, one of which is altering the energy around him so he can’t be seen unless you are really close to him. That was why they needed the batteries for their escape. They had been isolated from power in the form of electricity so Joel couldn’t use his power against their captives.

I grab the couple of bags that Joel left behind and trail him into the cabin, immediately looking for Alex, smiling as I see him helping Joel unpack the groceries. I push the door closed and cross the room to join them, Alex tall, dark and intense, and Joel with his longish blonde hair and perpetual smile. They are so different in looks yet both of them gorgeous and looking even more so since they arrived, a real Feast for the eyes.

Alex meets my eyes briefly and gives me a little nod before he turns his back to put the milk in the fridge.

“This all looks great Skye,” Joel says smiling at me. “You’ve been so good taking care of us, why don’t you go relax and we’ll take care of this and the meals today.”

“I don’t mind Joel,” I smile back at him. “I enjoy cooking.”

“Me too,” he wont take no for an answer. “My turn today and maybe we can work together tomorrow,” he offers.

“Okay then, thanks.” I nod and look back at Alex who’s leaning against the sink watching me. “I got you both more clothes and shoes. Maybe you’d like to take a walk later?”

Alex looks at Joel and I realise I wasn’t exactly clear who I was talking to. Being around Alex has that effect on me, though now I feel rude for not including Joel.

“Alex?” Joel says.

“Not a good idea to go outside,” Alex says finally and with the groceries all taken care of he walks over to the window and stands looking out with his back to us.

“What is he looking for?” I whisper to Joel. There’s nothing to see out there, just the road into town, even the closest cabin to us is out of view.

“Nothing,” Joel looks down and shakes his head then looks at me with his smiling green eyes. “He’s just trying to give us um, you a bit of privacy. He knows you have work to do,” he adds.

“Oh, that’s so considerate of him,” I smile over at Alex’s back.

“Yeah that’s Alex, Mr Considerate,” Joel agrees. “Now what did you have planned for lunch?”

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