Not gonna lie babe, patience is not my strong suite

“Yeah join the club Alex,” I sigh.

I got out of the desert and off the island

“Yeah, good progress, go us!”

Well, you didn’t cover that at all so not really

“Everyone’s a fucking critic,” I mutter but he barely pauses.

Now I’m waiting in the cabin for what purpose?

“No idea.”

And where are the so called bad guys, shouldn’t they be in pursuit?

“Maybe you killed them all when you escaped?” I say unconvincingly.

No reason to hide in the cabin then is there?

“All the bodies?”

On the hidden island where no one will see them? I don’t think so babe.

“Don’t call me babe,” I snap and he looks at me with hurt eyes. “I’m sorry. I’m just frustrated.”

Me too. Plus, cabin fever

He grins and I sigh again. “I have no idea…”

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  1. hehe Alex uses babe like I use Duckling.

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