Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

Today’s Daily Prompt: Frail

“So let me get this straight. At the start, you were meant to fall in love with Skye during the whole connection thing, we escape, you two meet up and live happily ever after?” Alex looks at me like I’m crazy.

“That was the plan,” I confirm as I reach into the bucket for another piece of chicken.

“Who’s plan?” he frowns. “Yours? This chicken is amazing by the way.”

“Not my plan, hers. Anyway, things changed and you got chicken.”

“Right, the chicken. You said that was significant. Explain how?”

“You know I’m a pizza man,” I state the obvious.

“Of course,” he nods.

“So the fact that Skye got the urge to get chicken shows she’s connected to you, not me,” I say smugly.

“Alex, she can’t take her eyes off you. Maybe the only place open was a chicken shop?” Joel shrugs and picks up his milkshake.

“Trust me Joel, she’s meant for you. And I saw you looking at her back by the lake too,” I arch a brow at him. “You like her.”

“Please,” he rolls his eyes and sits back on the couch, apparently full of chicken. “I don’t know her, how can I like her?”

I don’t answer that, seems obvious to me that things start with a look. “She’ll be back soon,” I say instead. Skye had gone to get us some clothes to wear, towels were comfy but not really suitable for all day wear.

“So really, you think she’s meant for me because of the chicken?” Joel looks at me, partly sceptical, mostly hopeful.

“Yeah it’s a pretty weak segue, some might even call it frail,” I smirk.

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