Rolling Stoned

Rolling Stoned

Today’s Daily Prompt Drive

Alex is singing, the song will be stuck in my head now:

Don’t need a pill I can swallow
Don’t need a road map to follow

“Are we going somewhere?”

This is his road trip song after all.

Babe, I’m going everywhere with you!

His grin is dangerous, his mood even more so. I yawn, it’s late and I’m tired but I can’t resist him.

“Can we go tomorrow?” I try not to sound like I’m begging.

Poor baby, he says and laughs.

He’s full of glee, I should just give in, go along with him.

When we’re together nothing good goes wrong
We can stay forever
We can just move on

He knows what I did, he got his way as usual. What comes next? He looks at me with those heart breaker eyes and smiles.

Babe, I’m just getting started

We’ll just keep on driving
And we’ll never look back

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