Please Forgive Me

Please Forgive Me

Today’s Daily Prompt: Unpredictable

This is too creepy, the longer I look at them the creepier it gets. I swear they’re starting to look angry. I close my eyes again, take a deep breath.

“Skye?” I call loudly.

“Alex, you’re here!” She sounds happy, I’m happier. She turned up and hopefully has the things we need to engineer our escape.

I open my eyes and try not to flinch but the cold stare of the dolls is really freaking me out.

“What is this place?” I ask as I turn to face her.

“Oh,” she looks around. “It’s my grandma’s doll collection. Isn’t it amazing!”

“It sure is something,” I agree. “Why are we here? I was expecting the cabin,” I explain.

“I wasn’t sure it would work,” she shrugs and turns to pick up one of the dolls. It really was amazing, the detail of each doll, the fact she could handle them.

“So you thought of this?” I shove my hands in my pockets and watch her carefully.

“Yes, when I meditated I thought of this place, this room. And here we are,” she seems pleased with herself.

“That’s really great Skye. I don’t suppose you could think of somewhere else though?” I say hopefully. “It’s just a little crowded.”

“I’ll try,” she closes her eyes and in a moment we’re surrounded by a swirl of grey mist then slowly furniture coalesces and the cabin we’d been in before forms around us. “Better?” she asks as she opens her eyes and I nod and smile.

I walk over to the fireplace and slide my hand along the smooth mantel. There’s so much detail, it usually takes months of practise to get this level of detail in a visit.

“So how have you been?” Skye asks and I turn to face her. She’s smiling, her head tilted a little to the side.

What do I say? Do I be sarcastic? Awesome, being held against my will is so much fun! Honest? I’m tired, hungry, you’re my last hope. Or do what everyone does and say what the other person wants to hear?

“Not bad thanks? You?” Pretend we’re just normal people catching up. Not a couple of people with questionable mental capabilities meeting in an imaginary cabin.

“Busy. I looked into what you told me,” she arches her brows meaningfully and I nod encouragingly. “There really is an agency called HARM and Alex Kennedy did work for them. As did Joel McIntyre.”

“You said did? What are they saying happened to us?” I ask eagerly. As close as we can tell we’ve been on the island 7 months.

“You’re both missing people, you have family looking for you.”

“Oh thank you,” I whisper and my eyes close for a moment. We had been worried that they’d found bodies and killed us off. The fact that we were missing, missed, they hadn’t given up. “Thank you Skye, you don’t know how much that means to me, how much it will mean to Joel.”

“It was nothing, easy to find out,” she shakes her head and smiles, waves away my thanks.  “I couldn’t help but notice though,” she drops her eyes then looks up at me. “It’s your parents looking for you Alex no one else.”

“Sure,” I nod. Of course my parents would be looking for me.

“I mean, I’ve been thinking about … when you touched me,” she says hesitantly.

So now would not be a good time to ask if she brought the things I asked her for?

“Skye I explained about that, it was how I was able to contact you,” I interrupt.

“No! It was more than that,” she glares at me. “You said you wanted to fuck me,” she threw her hands into the air and turned away from me.

Yeah I said that. I’m an asshole, a jerk, a bastard. Fuck me, she should have left me in that desert.

“I wasn’t thinking about you,” I say it bluntly, going for the whole, rip the band-aid off fast theory. I hear her suck in a breath, watch her shoulders lift and wait for her to disappear. “I’m sorry,” I add and hope she can hear my sincerity.

I’m sorry to Skye and to her. To use her memory, the thought of her in that way. It’s a measure of my desperation and despite the way I pretended, I knew exactly who I was touching and kissing and I felt like a cheat.

“This .. other person you were thinking about?” Skye keeps her back to me as she asks her question. “Why isn’t she looking for you?”

Even though she can’t see me I shrug. “She is,” I say it with certainty because I am certain.

“If it was me, I’d look for you, I’d be there with your parents,” she turns back to me and there’s heat in her eyes.

“Skye, I think you’re feeling something that’s not real. These situations can be a little … fraught with emotion. Things can be … unpredictable,” I struggle to explain away her feelings. Call me selfish but they’re not something I want to deal with. I have more pressing concerns, like getting off the island alive. “Look, can we put this aside for now?” I ask, trying not to sound as annoyed as I was feeling. “We really need your help.”

She’s staring at me and I have no idea what she’s thinking. Did I say unpredictable? Try volatile.

“I’ll help. On one condition,” she finally says.

Anything, is my instant desperate thought but I bite my lip to hold it in. “What?” I know I sound curt but I’m hanging on by a thread.

“When you get out, come find me. Give me a chance,” she says.

I don’t recoil but it’s a close thing. She doesn’t get it but why should she? She doesn’t know me, doesn’t know the whole fucked up situation. There’s no point, no chance to be had, I’m too far gone. I don’t say any of that thought.

“Of course we’ll come find you,” I manage a small smile. “We always planned to, we owe you a debt, at the very least dinner.”

I’m aware that I don’t tell her nothing more will happen. I’m too desperate for her help, don’t want to risk her changing her mind.

“Okay,” she nods and beams at me, slides her hands into her pockets. “I have what you asked me for.”

“Thank you Skye, you don’t know what this means,” I smile at her, a genuine smile.

She hands me the things and I shove them into my pockets. Two small swiss army knives and a dozen AA size lithium batteries. Combined with Joel’s special talent these were our ticket out of the cell and off the island.

It’s gone on for too long, it’s time to go.

“We’ll see you soon,” I promise Skye and I close my eyes.

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