Can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me

Can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me

Today’s Daily Prompt: Nightmare

Another day another delicious bowl of gruel!

“When we get out of here I’m giving this place a big write-up on Yelp,” Joel tells me as he scrapes his bowl clean.

“Oh at least 4 stars,” I say with a nod. “I have to deduct one because the wait staff are less than attentive.”

“They are very detail oriented though,” Joel says thoughtfully as he places his spoon in the bowl and the bowl on the tray. “They always make sure the table has been cleared.”

I grunt in agreement as I stack my own tray then get up off the floor to push it out the slit at the bottom of the door. Joel hands me his and I shove that through too. The first and only time we’d tried hiding a utensil they hadn’t fed us until we returned it. We quickly realised nourishment was more important than a spoon that we couldn’t do much with anyway.

“The location’s not great,” I stroll over to look out the window taking in the view of the lake. “But the ambiance is something pretty special.”

“Speaking of special, now that you’ve had your dinner, aren’t you ready for a nap?” Joel asks hopefully.

I looked at the fading light, trying to judge the time. When Skye had agreed to try to meet again we’d agreed to an hour after sundown since I didn’t exactly have a clock to go by.

“Not quite yet,” I turn and put my back to the wall.

“Do you really think she’ll be able to do it?” he asks quietly.

I know she can, my real worry is whether she’ll show up or not. I hadn’t shared that worry with Joel, hadn’t told him how I’d fucked up and I really should. If she doesn’t show he deserves to know we’re still stuck in this nightmare.

I slide down to sit with my wrists resting on my up drawn knees.

“Joel, I have to tell you something,” I begin and he sits on his cot and gives me a go ahead nod. “The thing is …” I shove my hand through my hair in frustration and start again. “The thing is I may have fucked things up. She might not be there tonight.”

“What?” Joel frowns and shakes his head. “I thought you were all simpatico, had a thing going?”

“Yeah, about that. It sort of seemed that way I guess and she took it that way but it never was.”

“What?” he looks confused as fuck and I don’t blame it, I’m feeling a bit that way too.

“You know how what I do works right?”

“Sure. You make contact by making contact,” he clasps his hands together.

“Right. You also know it doesn’t work with everyone.” He nods and I continue. “What you might not know is that for some people, making that connection works better if the contact is … intimate.”

“Oh,” he thinks about that for a moment. “Oh! So you and she … got intimate?” He grins and I know what’s coming next. “You lucky bastard! Was it good?”

I shake my head and roll my eyes at him. “Not that intimate. Just some kissing and touching. I guess, second base?” Is your hand down her pants second base?

“So was that the fuck up? You went too far? Because you can just apologise right?” There’s a hint of desperation in Joel’s voice and I get it. It took months to get this far, to have to go back to square one, find someone else? I can’t even think about it.

“I did apologise and it wasn’t so much that things went too far it’s what she thought was going on.” I picture her standing before me, her beautiful face so vulnerable and then sad as she’d said:
“We had a connection. Didn’t we? Didn’t you … touch me and tell me to feel you?”

“Ah,” Joel nods his head. “She fell for you didn’t she?”

“I guess, maybe,” I shrug and I feel like shit for making her feel that way but what could I do? Once I found her I’d tried just talking to her but she hadn’t heard me. I’d try just touching her shoulder but she hadn’t felt me. She hadn’t responded until I’d gotten closer, more intimate.

“Well fuck Alex, you shouldn’t be so damn irresistible,” he says with a sigh then grins at me.

“Sorry?” I sigh and shake my head. “I didn’t intend to, she wouldn’t hear me though.”

” remember you had to punch Trace to get him to hear you, I guess you didn’t want to hit a girl?”

“Ah no, that’s not my preferred method of communication,” I grin.

“Well, I guess we just have to hope she’s a good person who’ll do the right thing,” Joel shrugs and he’s right.

“She is,” I say it as much for myself as for him. “She will.”

An hour later I take a seat on my cot and start to relax.

“Good luck,” Joel whispers and I give him a nod and close my eyes.

I go through my ritual, take a deep breath and open my eyes. Well, it’s not the desert so that’s something. I look around, there’s no sign of Skye but there are dolls everywhere, their beady eyes staring at me accusingly. It’s like someone plucked the nightmare from my brain.


  1. Love it:

    “Well fuck Alex, you shouldn’t be so damn irresistible,” he says with a sigh then grins at me.

    Reminds me … of well, me!

    1. Author

      Told you Alex was my you 😀

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