Today’s Daily Prompt: Journey

“This should be easy,” Alex flops down on the floor before me.

“Should it?”

“Sure, you can have Skye reflecting on her journey,” he stacks his hands behind his head, closes his eyes.

“Hmmm. I’m not sure,” I shake my head.

“Really?” He sighs heavily and sits up to look at me.

“Maybe I should pick up where we left off, in the desert?” I rub at my temples and it does nothing to relieve the tension headache I’m carrying.

“Rough day babe?”

I shrug and just stare at the screen for a while.

“I’ll go back to the desert if you need me to,” he finally breaks the silence.

“I don’t know,” I shrug.

“What’s wrong babe?” he brushes my leg with the back of his fingers.

“Nothing,” I sigh, wondering why I’m being so angsty? “I’m just not feeling it tonight I guess.”

“It’s my fault isn’t it?” Alex stands up to look down at me, glare down at me really.

“Why would you think that?”

“I changed the story. You wanted it to be a HEA with me and Skye,” he accuses.

“Well yeah,” I nod slowly. “That was the intention. I’m not sure why I changed it.”

I changed it, not you,” he snaps and turns away from me.

“Yeah, yeah. You did it. Good for you Mr Figment of My Imagination,” I poke my tongue out at him for good measure. He doesn’t turn around, just shakes his head.

“So what do you want me to do? Stay in the desert? Keep walking, making the whole journey think literal?”

“I had planned for you to be awake in your cell. Skye has agreed to look into things and then try to make contact the next day. You and Joel were going to be discussing your escape plan,” I lay out my very vague plot.

“That sounds okay,” Alex turns back and smiles at me happily. “What’s next?”

“No idea, that’s the problem.” I stare at the screen, the blinking cursor seems to be taunting me. Waiting, blink, waiting, blink, waiting, blink.

“It’ll come to you, it always does.” I wish I felt as confident as Alex sounded.

“Well now I’m wondering if I should go back to Skye’s point of view. She could research you and decide to help then we can get to the escape,” I frown as I think about that.

“Why don’t we just say that’s all been done and get to the escape? Condense that part of the journey so we can get to the end of the story,” he collapses on the floor again with a yawn.

“You want this over so fast?” I frown at him. “Am I boring you?”

“Not at all babe,” he smirks without opening his eyes. “Don’t you know? This isn’t my story. You’re not done with me yet.”



  1. well i like where this is going….just when i thought it couldn’t get ant better!!

    1. Author

      Thanks, I hope you like where we end up on Alex’s journey so far 🙂

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