The Killing Moon

The Killing Moon

Today’s Daily Prompt: Glass

Can she see the moon’s reflection?

Is she close enough to the lake to see it?

I think so. I can feel her nearby.

It’s so still tonight. Like glass. A mirror reflecting …


For me, the moon is the passing of time, it’s phases reminding me how long I’ve been here.

I wish it could be a memory of a night under a full moon. Soft skin, gentle touches, sighs of pleasure.

Instead it will be a splash of red on pale sand. Or the dark shadow of a fallen body. I don’t want to kill to escape but I will if I have to.

First, I need her to do her part. We’re so close. Last time she could feel me and I could touch her. Passing a small object will be possible. A few more sessions …

Then escape.

I will not be denied.

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