Save Me

Save Me

Today’s Daily Prompt: Darkness

When the lights go out I think of him. I wait for his voice. I want it, crave it. What will he say tonight? I chase sleep like an addict, I need it, it’s my path to him.

The relief when I hear him … it’s the first deep breath you take when you surface from being underwater. The way your body relaxes when you’ve been cold for so very long and the warmth seeps into you.

Everything else fades away …

I picture us, he walks up to me, black jeans and tshirt, his dark hair tousled. He has that smile, slightly wry, as he stops before me. He touches his index finger to my shoulder, draws it down the length of my arm then tangles his fingers with mine.

I sigh and bite my lip, I have to drop my eyes from his face, he’s too beautiful to look at for too long. Mostly … I know I’ll cry if I keep looking at him because I know he can’t stay. I don’t want to taint this encounter with sadness and fear, so I look down at his hand holding mine.

My heart races as he moves behind me, my breath shudders out on a sigh as he wraps around me, his front to my back, his chin resting on my head. His arms, so strong, hold me tightly and I place my hands over his. I don’t want to let go.

I stand there, wrapped in his warmth, feeling safe yet so in peril. I know my heart will break when he leaves and I don’t know how many more times I can do this.

“Babe, I need to tell you,” his breath whispers against my ear, his stubbled jaw scrapes my neck and I shiver.

“Tell me what?” I turn my head towards him and his lips brush my cheek.

“I need you to save me.”

I blink and a tear winds down my cheek. I knew that was what he’d say and it kills me because I don’t know how to. Before I can say anything, he’s gone and I’m alone.

I open my eyes to the darkness, so thick and heavy I can barely breath. Then when I do, I breath in his scent. How is that even possible?

I feel like I’m losing my mind and I don’t even care. I just want to sleep again, to hear his voice. I close my eyes.

When the lights go out, I wait for him. In the darkness.


  1. Alex, What happened to Skye? You seem to have forgotten her…

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