Dream Lover

Dream Lover

Today’s Daily Prompt: Forbidden

“Hey baby, I’ve got something for you,” Alex grinned at me as he walked in the front door.

“Oh really?” I looked at his empty hands with a little smirk. “Is it invisible?”

“Hmm, nope,” he leaned down over me gave it to me. His tongue sliding slickly between my lips, a teasing lick, a nip on my lower lip. I sighed as he started to back away. The man could kiss.

“More,” I whispered as I pushed my hand into his hair, holding him in place as I breathed him in. I loved his hair, the dark strands like silk between my fingers as I tugged a little, making his breath catch.

He growled against my mouth, narrowed his baby blues at me. I knew that look. I loved that look.

Without breaking eye contact I set my laptop on the table beside the couch I was sitting on then I slid both hands up under his grey t-shirt.

“Tell me what you want baby,” his lips brushed mine teasingly as he clamped his hands on my wrists, stopping my progress.

“You know what I want,” I teased. He loved hearing the words. Sometimes it seemed all we had were the words.

“Tell me Skye, tell me you want me to fuck you.”

I moan at his words, his lips grazed my cheek as he slid his mouth to my ear, teasing with a light lick.

“Please fuck me Alex,” I whispered what he wanted to hear and he rewarded me with the pressure of his teeth on my throat.

“I think I could just bite you,” he bit me again. “And lick you,” his tongue was magic as it stroked up my neck. “And suck you,” the pressure was perfect, he knew what I liked. “And make you come without touching you here,” his hand slid between my legs.

He knew he could, he’d done it before. “No you couldn’t,” I gasped out the lie as my hips arched, I tried to rub myself against his hand.

“Baby,” he laughed against my sensitive neck and I shuddered, I was so close. It was early in the day and he’d shaved earlier. If he hadn’t, if he’d had stubble, it would have been game over already.

“You’re not that good,” I challenged breathlessly and he lifted his head, gave me that look again. That ‘you’re going to beg me to stop’ look that made my knees weak.

He slid his hand from between my legs and I whimpered in protest then in pleasure as he dragged his fingers up to rest on the button at the waist of my jeans. A flick of his wrist had it opened then his hand was inside, against hot wet flesh but he didn’t do anything, he just held me.

I moaned and used my nails on him, scraping his sides as I tried to pull him closer.

“Now, where was I?” Alex looked at me, stared at where his hand was for long moments then he braced one knee on the couch beside me, buried his other hand in my hair to tug my head back and to the side.

His breath was hot on my neck, he bit me and I groaned, pushed myself against his hand.

“I wish I could fuck you,” he whispered.

“Why can’t you?” I gave up his skin to fist his hair, hold him against me. I didn’t want him to go.

“Baby I can’t,” he groaned then he kissed me slow and hot and deep. Our tongues slid together, a slow erotic dance, I licked his lips, bit him as he’d bitten me earlier. “It’s … forbidden?” he pulled back to frown at me.

“Forbidden?” I repeated and shook my head in confusion.

“Maybe …. not possible?”

His hands were cupping my face as he stared at me. Wait, when did he move them?

“Alex?” I looked around the empty room. My laptop was on the table, my jeans were open.

Of course I was alone, there was no one with me. It had been three weeks since I had heard His voice. Alex, the name I had heard when I asked who he was. Alex, the man I had just dreamed? Of course dreamed. What else could it be? Nothing else was possible. Was it?



  1. Found one! (I’m a slow reader… I have to fight AJ – actually she forgot we were reading this cause the tab was closed that kept our place)

    1. Author

      AJ is probably too busy writing about you so easy to forget πŸ™‚

      1. She is but there is time to read some things too. And yours are never overly long

        1. Author

          Ah well, I appreciate her time and hope she is enjoying it πŸ™‚

          1. We are. We have one more post today to finish of the day then she’ll finish up Alex’s story. We’ll have to find the Alex tag too just cause.

            1. Author

              I’ve put a category link under ‘Serial Fiction’ for Alex for you. You’ll get the story as well but I’m too lazy to do it any other way πŸ˜€

              1. that’s fine. I can sift through the ones I’ve already read. Thank you *bows*

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