“I’m pregnant.” I looked up at Dulcie in surprise. That was not what I’d expected to hear when she sat down opposite me in the break room. Well staff room really, we hadn’t started work yet so we weren’t in a break. Dulcie was an over sharer so I had expected some lewd details from her weekend, had even been a little bit excited to have something to tell her about. Nothing as explicit as her weekends but that dance with Tate, our second dance, had been worth talking about. Or so I had thought. “Wow,” I managed to say as the look on herRead More →

I was filled with wonder As I backed away He called me Poppy Though I wore my face He knew who I was Likely always had But had played along That wolf so bad What came next? Did I need a hideout? I waited for a growl Expected a shout But he stood and he smiled And he let me go What was he thinking? Would I ever know? I made my way home Found the message he’d sent ‘See you soon’ he’d written But which ‘you’ had he meant Did he like me as Poppy Or better as Red Were we one and theRead More →

I’m covered in glitter. It’s in my hair, on my face, not by choice, by circumstance. It’s what happens when you find yourself in a club during an 80s revival night. Some of the women had it all over them so as soon as I touched one it was on my hands, then in my hair when I shoved a frustrated hand through it. I’d grabbed the arms of at least a dozen women so far, but none of them had been her, so I was covered in glitter and frustration, a hell of  a combination. I’d told her it was her game to run,Read More →

I sent him an email Filled it with lies Said I wasn’t interested Here’s all the whys I didn’t want a man Who was never around Wasn’t looking for one Who chased redheads down Poppy was proud Wouldn’t be second best Tate should move on With a redhead she guessed Poppy wrote forget me Put me out of your mind Poppy said she knew He had another to find She wrote another time Another place, another world Maybe it would be different Then could I be your girl She signed it with care From Poppy  adieu The words started to blur She added, nice knowingRead More →

It had been three days since I’d met the wolf’s supposed brother and he’d written down the name for me. Three days since I stopped seeing him everywhere too. I had watched Rand leaving with two other men and one of them had paused and looked at me. I’d seen his lips moving, swore I heard a whisper in my ear, “Soon darlin’.” Then someone had called for a drink and when I looked at them, it was them, not him. Rand and the men with him had left by the time I looked back but I had a name. I didn’t know whose nameRead More →

it’s the witching hour the power hour the gonna get my fix hour… a new prompt is about to drop anticipation grows it just wont stop what will they write I just can’t wait hurry and post don’t hesitate it’s five past now I hit refresh watching the blogs that I like best ten minutes now and nothing new I’ll wait a bit longer what else can I do? an hour is gone I’m starting to doubt waiting for words I can’t live without what happened to x you left me hanging with y write something new please give it a try I’ve set upRead More →

If you hear a grinding noise Don’t pay it any mind It’s just the sound of my brain Starting to unwind The key what makes it go Was turned too many times I thought and thought so frantically I plum ran out of rhymes It’s falling all to pieces There’s fragments everywhere Please don’t look too closely You’ll see my id stripped bare Ignore the ticking and tocking The rumble and the growl They’re just signs it’s finally warming up I’ll start thinking any minute now…Read More →

Wanted to write a poem about seriousness But all that rhymed was deliriousness It felt a little perilous Thought someone might get querulous If I tried to rhyme some other word Things could get quite absurd Try a little deviousness Stop it now, don’t digress This was meant to be a poetic protest Nothing really serious It could go on and on I guess A few lines more or maybe less Stopping now is probably best I say that in all seriousnessRead More →

(continues from here) I pushed open the door to my favourite haunt and stepped inside, trying not to smirk too much. “Two wolves walk into a bar,” I muttered to Shawn. He’s about my height, similar build, and with my spell, looks just like me. Shawn grinned at me and said, “The first one asks,’What are you having?’” Red, I think but he hasn’t finished his joke. “The second one answers, ‘Oh the usual. The hair of the dog.’” I shook my head at him, huffed out a little laugh. “Don’t give up your day job man.” He growled and went to go by meRead More →

Three wolves walk into a bar. There’s no punch line, that is literally what is happening right now. I know they’re not really wolves, but that’s what I see. Everywhere. Him. Tate of the unpronounceable last name which in effect, rendered him unfindable. If I was inclined to look for him that is. He had shot his name at me with a hint of Irish in his voice and it sounded like Fwa-lawn and how the hell did you spell that? Not that I was looking for him. For all I knew he could be here anyway. A few of the men were the rightRead More →

There’s strange things afoot I can feel it in the air I haven’t seen my wolf And yet he’s everywhere Everywhere I look Everywhere I go I see his eyes and face But it’s not the him I know Is there something in the water Is there something in my eyes Everyone I see Is a wolf in his guise But I can’t find the real him The one who owns my soul Who gazed at me so lovingly But somehow I didn’t know Now my heart is yearning for him And I’m longing for his touch I’m the one who made him go awayRead More →

seeing red not the girl the colour blood floods me pulsing, pounding anger consumes me my heart aches from her rejection a splinter in my soul while she hides behind her spell casting words like bullets she doesn’t know me she wont miss me and that ain’t right when one is drinking whiskey the liquor should burn not my skin from her touch today I’ll wallow but tomorrow I’ll plan craft my own spell to draw her near to make her run where she belongs into my arms Previous episodes hereRead More →

(continues from here) Was he serious right now? As if him flirting with her/me, wasn’t bad enough, now he was asking me/Poppy, about her/me? Did that even make sense? I cast a quick glance around the room and smirked. “You mean the one at the table in the corner?” I nodded towards a bear who was watching Dulcie closely as I grabbed his money and moved towards the register. “No,” he said without even turning to look and my steps faltered. “Well,” I shrugged. “I didn’t see anyone.” “Oh that’s right.” He tapped a finger on his lower lip as if he was thinking. “YouRead More →

In my imagination Within my twisted mind There’s a party going on So I just can’t find One voice to raise above To whisper something sweet There’s an overwhelming din And I can’t compete The boys have formed a band They’re playing every night I just can’t catch the tune Can’t hear the words to write There’s something about a wolf And a girl he just can’t get There’s a story to be told And I’m sure I wont forgetRead More →

I stood just inside the door, the shadows creeping up my legs, twining around my hands. They knew a game was afoot but they didn’t know the rules any better than I did. I stared at the bar, watching Poppy flip her hair back as she smiled and poured a drink, the ring on her finger glinting in the light. I wasn’t surprised to see it, maybe a little disappointed but what did I expect? For her to take it off and turn up to work as herself? I had seen the way the bar owner looked at her the night before and I wasRead More →

Her eyes took a slow tour over my exposed skin, tracing the black veins. Guilt flashed across her face as she spun the ring on her finger then looked down at it. “This old thing?” She lifted her eyes to mine for the briefest of moments. “I don’t even think it’s silver,” she dismissed. Really? She was going to play it like that? “Give it to me.” I held out the hand that wasn’t pulsing with pain, willing to take another hit to prove a point. “Don’t be ridiculous,” she scoffed and went to move away but I reached out and grabbed her wrist. SheRead More →

I worried about Dulcie. She was surrounded by bears and she had no idea. They were over by the pool table growling at each other, they were clustered around her end of the bar glaring at each other, and they were sitting at the tables watching her. She smiled and laughed and flirted and at the end of the night the bears all went home alone and Dulcie raked in the tips. Occasionally one wandered my way, drawn by the golden tresses of my Poppy-guise, but they never stayed long. My end of the bar was quite diverse. Witches, Huntsmen, the occasional Bear, a WolfRead More →

(…continues from Dancing In The Dark) The sun was setting, that yellow ball sinking from sight, casting shadows for the monsters to hide in. Maybe I was one of them as I moved in the half light. Was I avoiding the light to not be seen, or was I seeking the shadows? Some days I felt like a monster in my altered form, my Poppy-guise. Some days I felt like maybe I should just be Poppy. Poppy was fun. Everyone liked her. She got great tips at work. She danced with the Wolf. Poppy didn’t run away either. Poppy tossed her blonde hair and smiledRead More →

Music starts and I sing along It’s automatic with this song I’ve sung these words so many times Know every verse and every rhyme You know it too so sing along The universal hit, happy birthday song Happy birthday to you You smell like shampoo What’s going on? Can’t you sing along? What the hell do you mean I’m saying it wrong? I’ve sung this forever Over and again Let’s try it once more You can do it my friend! Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you You look like a monkey And you smell like one too It’s not my birthday So don’tRead More →

need to filter my thoughts they’re much too dirty dancing with this Wolf makes me feel so flirty his chest so hard his shoulders so wide his lips so tempting that look in his eyes I could take him home try him for a night but with my hair so blonde it doesn’t seem right I don’t want him to want any woman but me can’t he feel my soul why can’t he see this spell is really swell but it’s breaking my heart because my Wolf wants Poppy and that’s tearing me apartRead More →

I don’t have a filter for my thoughts, I have a committee. I don’t just blurt out my brain farts. I think about what I’m saying. Some say I over think. I say more people should think more before they share their ‘pearls’ of wisdom’. I’m sick of people using the excuse of ‘I have no filter’ to be rude. Be honest sure, but being rude and nasty under the banner of ‘I just say what I think’ is well, rude. That might work for an eight year old but not for an adult. What happened to ‘if you can’t say something nice, say nothingRead More →

We’re swaying in the shadows We’re dancing in the dark I just want the simple truth Is that too much to ask I can feel her in my arms I can taste her in the air But I can’t see her with my eyes Can’t see the colour of her hair My girl is on the run And she’s gone and cast a spell She thinks that I don’t know her But I know her oh so well I’ll let her play her game Let her think she’s won the war While I dance and then romance her Have her begging me for more IRead More →

The audience is insatiable tonight, screaming for more, chanting our names. A part of me wanted to keep playing, keep feeling the high, but a bigger part want to hurry up and finish so I can go home, crawl into bed and stay there. For a week, a month, a year. I’m not suicidal, I’m just tired. It’s been ten months since Sienna walked out of my house and my life, and the last eight months of that has been spent on the road. I can’t tell you all the places we’ve played but as usual we’ve finished up back home, this time to soldRead More →

It’s like déjà vu all over again. I’m standing outside of the bar and he’s walking towards me. He’s alone and worry and guilt flood me. Where are the others? Where’s Dulcie? Why did I let her leave with him? I know what he is, I should have said no, made her stay and finish her shift. I stormed up to him and shoved him in the chest. “Where’s Dulcie! What have you done to her?” “Whoa!” he grabbed my arms as he stumbled back a step, taking me with him. Somehow he turned and I found myself with my back against the wall, hisRead More →

Here’s another word That’s almost absurd Why does the English language Cause such anguish So oversight can be That is to say it can mean To look after a so and so Or to neglect it, oh no The two so disparate Like chocolate and a carrot Who makes up this stuff? Enough is enough Have a meme…  Read More →

It was Ladies Night and we were busy. I don’t know if it was the two for one cocktails, Saturday night from 6 – 8pm, or our regular clientele that had the place packed. One thing was for sure, those regulars were enjoying the attention. You would think these women had never seen a real man before, the way they fluttered around and giggled. The way they exposed too much skin. This was the third week of the promotion and our busiest so far. Some of the women had even started coming in during the week, much to the delight of the Wolf-pup. Profits wereRead More →

It’s been three days since I’ve seen the beast. I’ve found myself loitering after my shift in case he was coming in later. Even now, I’m hesitating in the doorway though my shift ended thirty minutes ago. What am I waiting for? I thought I would enjoy not seeing him, not worrying that he would see through the disguise, but I’m lingering, just in case. “You’re an idiot,” I muttered to myself and gripped the ring. I’m ready to shed the spell for the night, ready to be me again. I slid it to my first knuckle and felt lighter. I looked down at myRead More →

Why can’t I stop thinking about that girl? Aestheticly speaking, I can see the appeal But… she’s not the one for me Not matter what I feel, it’s what I see That tells me she’s so wrong So why the hell do I prolong This agony of base desire Let her presence stoke the fire My hunts all end up in this bar I just can’t seem to wander far This attraction a distraction I need a plan of action Need to get back on the trail Can’t allow myself to fail There’s two girls on my mind But only one I need to findRead More →

I was feeling so conflicted… happy because the disguise was working, my wolf didn’t know me! Then angry because the disguise was working, my wolf didn’t know me! Shouldn’t he know me? Regardless of how I looked, didn’t his soul sing for me the way mine did for him? Couldn’t he feel me beneath the surface? I looked in the mirror at the face that was mine but not mine. The hair colour wrong, my eyes the wrong shape, my lips too thin. The ring I’d bought to hold the spell sat heavily on my finger, the clear stone a dull red, as if itRead More →

It’s the full moon making me restless Not some little girl Not that exquisite creature Who’s come into my world She’s serving drinks at the bar Tossing her blonde hair with a smile Makes me want to sit Just watch her for a while There’s something soothing about her My frustration’s held at bay She’s not the one that I long for But she makes me feel that way Maybe I should move on Stop chasing after Red Not think about her supple skin Just get her outta my head I wont think about her eyes Or the soft touch of her lips I’ll focusRead More →

I can’t run forever It’s just not my style But it could be fun To hide for a while In plain sight is best Cause he’ll never see Past the blonde hair and blue eyes To the real heart of me Got a job at a bar He’ll never suspect It’s me serving his drink When he orders his next Seen but unseen Known but unknown I’m fooling that wolf ‘Til my cover is blown Then the chase will resume It’s not over yet Catch me if you can A promise or a threat?Read More →

Run little darlin’ I like this game I can go all night Can you say the same? Your wolf is howlin’ Time to heed his call It’s time to come home Darlin’ once and for all I can’t let you go This I can confess I’ll give you all I have I’m not capable of less Now I’m on your tail I’ve got you in my sight Come here sweet thing You know I’ll do you rightRead More →

So everyone is talkin’ ’bout a wolf Guess that’s me I’m no wolf though Just a man, as you can see Don’t know why My girl ran away Was it something I did? What the hell did I say? Now she’s leaving me clues Leading me around I’m sick of the chase Time to run her to ground The odds are uneven It’s all in my favour She’s my damsel in distress And I’m her fucking saviourRead More →

I had barely slid onto the barstool when the man behind the bar asked, “What can I getcha?” “Jameson rocks please,” I said with a small smile. “What pretty eyes you have,” he commented as he held my gaze and reached for a glass and I thought, “Isn’t that my line?” I looked down, feeling my cheeks flush and said a quiet, “Thank you.” A glass appeared before me and I reached for my bag but he stopped me with his words. “On the house for such a pretty lass.” My eyes jumped to his and this time I saw the wolf in his grin.Read More →

It’s strange to me that the stars still shine when you’re gone. There should be a gentle fade to black as everyone pauses, waiting for your return. The world should hold their breath, they should be looking at the door, waiting for you to walk through. But you never will. You’re gone and there’s nothing I can do, no way to fix that. You left me with an eternal grief that I never will know how to deal with. You left me with an unsaid ‘I love you’ on the tip of my tongue. So maybe that’s why the stars are still shining? So IRead More →

The wolves are everywhere you know. An infinite variety. All waiting to eat you up. And if the wolves don’t get you, there are the bears. And the witches. And the huntsmen. The world is a dangerous place for a girl these days. I ran away from a wolf and he did not take my leaving very well. He pursues me still, leaves me odd messages, sends me notes full of sorrow and apology, begs for forgiveness and offers redemption. I burn them all, every single one. I don’t even read them any more. It’s too late anyway, there’s another wolf on my trail andRead More →

How could it be That among the infinite possibilities I found you Or did you find me? How is it so That when the time came For you to leave You just couldn’t go? How does it feel To look in my eyes And see your whole world To know that it’s real? How did we know We’re stronger together Better than ever Destined to growRead More →