I love this prompt! Everyone’s singing Sympathy For The Devil and that’s totally my jam. Pleased to meet you indeed… Me? Let me introduce myself… hahaha. That’s redundant and maybe bordering on plagiarism. You already know me. I’m the little voice inside your head who tells you to eat the cake, drink the alcohol, spend the money, break the speed limit. All those little things you know you shouldn’t be doing. And what do you do about it, about me? You feed me. You give in to my urges. You eat and drink. You live to excess. All the while moaning about how life isn’tRead More →

I don’t have a usable passportand can’t afford to go globe-trotting anyway, so it’s lucky I have WordPress! I sign in and right there I have my ticket to the world. Apparently it’s spring in Canada! I read that in a blog. Of course that’s true in a lot of other places too as evidenced by the photos of flowers blooming. The other week there was a snow storm, people were trapped for days. I did see that on the news but  reading about it from another blogger’s perspective had a lot more impact. If I did have the right documents to travel, I’d packRead More →

I wrote some purple prose Filled it with profanity Thrusting and grinding Lust induced insanity My language was too strong I was censored and redacted I had to cut some words My scenes were too protracted Here’s what I was left with The editor’s edition They say it’s fairly good But still needs some revision Once upon a time there was a girl She ventured out into the world She met a boy and long story short He was kind and sweet and just her sort They went on a date They had a little fun Fell in love and got married Then the storyRead More →

Right now, it all feels so meaningless (thanks Daily Prompt for the perfect word!). The poetry, the stories, all of it. Why bother? I finished off my Wolf and Red story the other day, the last instalment is here and since then I don’t know what to write. I could check in on Max and the zombie apocalypse I guess. Or my rockstar Nick could finally get his happy ending. Then there’s Alex, he’s had one story but he says it wasn’t really his. I don’t know what he wants to do though. I suppose non of it matters right now. The Tiny Empress wasRead More →

I tried the red pills. Then I tried the blue pills. I ate the one said eat me. I drank the drink that said drink me. I even tried the purple pills. It was like the song, the drugs don’t work, they just make it worse. And I didn’t know if I was ever gonna see your face again, your untouchable face. I had to ask myself the question, where am I now? Then I realised, nothing else matters except, I could never be your woman. So I had to walk away because I knew I could remove the cause but not the symptom.Read More →

I walked outside and paused on the sidewalk looking in both directions. Which way? A few steps away the beacon of the streetlight sat, glowing golden and for some reason I thought ‘safe’ and headed there. I dug through my messenger bag and pulled out my cell just as the door to the bar opened and a wolf walked out. His eyes found me immediately, no surprise since I was standing in a pool of light, and he came towards me, stopping a few feet away. “Poppy right?” he asked with a seemingly friendly smile, if you ignored the dripping fangs. “Right.” I nodded butRead More →

Another post with minimal effort. Yeah, I could have linked all the songs to you tube but meh… Anyway, here’s a playlist. If it applies to you and you’re reading it I guess you know it applies to you so enjoy… Simple Minds – Don’t You forget About Me Three Doors Down – Kryptonite Foo Fighters – Another Round Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds Bodyjar – Hazy Shade of Winter Bush – Little Things Catatonia – Road Rage James – Getting Away With It (All Messed Up) David Bowie – Ashes To Ashes Breaking Benjamin – The Ashes of EdenRead More →

Are you the person you want to be When you look inside, who do you see What’s on the label that you hide away Did you walk your path, or did you go astray You’re the sum of your parts and the life that you live You’re the pain that you cause and the joy that you give Who are you when darkness falls When you’re alone with your mind When you’re climbing the walls When you look inside, what do you find A truth you believe and a life lived well A satisfied mind and a safe place to dwellRead More →

I waited for Red outside that night She came out the door with a wolf at her side I took to the shadows to watch and to wait What happened next could decide her fate If she gave him my smile I might attack Spew vile words I couldn’t take back If she held his hand I could explode Slash and rip until warm blood flowed I could become the monster she feared in the dark The beast from her nightmares who broke her heart With claws and teeth I’d show no mercy Complete the tale with no controversy Or I could change the storyRead More →

In the three days since I dropped my Poppy-guise, Tate hadn’t spoken to me. I didn’t even know if he’d looked at me since he no longer sat at the bar, instead taking a table and letting our new waitress serve him. Jen had started that same day and with her midnight hair and moonlight skin had all the witches vying for her attention while the bears ambled around happy for her to just smile at them. Dulcie still held the bulk of their attention though and had them puffing up their chests and banging their heads together. As for the wolves, I was surrounded.Read More →

Will you baptise me with your love Will you immerse me in your desire Will you let me hold your heart Will you bathe me in your fire Will you find me in the darkness Will you lead me to the light Will you compel me to your wishes Will you make this all seem right Will you drown me in attention Will you subvert my one true will Will you desecrate my body Will I be your favourite killRead More →

It should have been so easy. There was no chase, no arguments or coercion. I just walked in and there she was. My Red standing behind the bar. And on the other side of that bar? Prowling, hungry wolves. I lifted my lip in a sneer at them, huffed a laugh. As if they had a chance. She was mine and as her eyes shifted towards me she knew it and I knew it. Just those poor bastards had no idea they were wasting their time. So I took a seat at a table, kicked out my legs and ordered a drink from the newRead More →

Once upon a time a wolf went prowling Found a little girl who had his senses howling He followed her trail as she led the chase Was she out of his league, would she win this race Then one dark day the wolf hunted her down It wasn’t a girl but a woman he found He bided his time and changed his plan Wanted to win her heart, to be her man They danced under moonlight, he made a play She took two steps forward then one away They danced in a club and he called her bluff So she showed her true face, hopedRead More →

Cursor blinks as I think and think What the hell will I write? Don’t want to ruminate Or I might fumigate The good idea That I had right here But if I try to jot it down It floats away without a sound Maybe I should ponder Then that thought might wander Back into my brain Except now it’s just too lame Mind too tired Or needs to be rewired Because I don’t want to think about you Don’t want to write what will never be true Don’t want to pretend or fantasise Imagining dreams I’ll never realise Longing for your kiss, craving your touchRead More →

Her vivid red hair glows in the light Drawing them in night after night The bears and the wolves are gathered around I wait and I watch not making a sound That girl is mine no matter her name It’s drawing near, the end of our game Will happy ever after be in our stars Or will we end in ruin, covered in scars A fairytale ending or horror instead How will it finish for this Wolf and his Red?    Read More →

I have no desire to be The belle of the ball Not looking for attention Didn’t ask them to fall I’m just looking for a face Searching for a chance Waiting for a moment This game becomes a dance There’s a fire in his eyes There’s a promise in his stare There’s a warning in his smile A sense of menace in the air If I were smarter I would run But I just can’t turn away He’s my Wolf and I’m his Red It’s all been building to this dayRead More →

careful what you wish for words whisper through my mind spent so long searching for but never thought to find a girl timid and reticent shy and so demure but one with fire in her eyes a heart and soul so pure her hair awash in flame her eyes a golden snare her smile unforgettable an answer to my prayer she’s all of that and more and much to my delight she’s not hiding any longer I’ve got her in my sight there’s no question in my mind no doubt we’re meant to be it’s time to win her over prove she’s the one forRead More →